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FUJIWARA Shunichiro
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Distribution Released
Apache-JemplateFilter-0.02 Jemplate complie filter for Apache [Download] [Browse] 17 Apr 2008
Apache2-JemplateFilter-0.02 Jemplate complie filter for Apache2 [Download] [Browse] 01 May 2006
AWS-XRay-0.04 AWS X-Ray tracing library [Download] [Browse] 22 Jun 2018
Catalyst-Plugin-ClamAV-0.03 ClamAV scanning Plugin for Catalyst [Download] [Browse] 28 Feb 2007
DBIx-CouchLike-0.16 DBI based CouchDB like document database library [Download] [Browse] 10 Jun 2010
Devel-KYTProf-Logger-XRay-0.02 Logger for AWS::XRay [Download] [Browse] 15 Jun 2018
Fluent-Logger-0.27 A structured event logger for Fluent [Download] [Browse] 19 Jun 2018
Katsubushi-Client-0.1 A client library for katsubushi [Download] [Browse] 11 Oct 2016
MHA-AWS-0.05 A support script for "MySQL Master HA" running on AWS [Download] [Browse] 16 Aug 2014
Parallel-Benchmark-0.10 parallel benchmark module [Download] [Browse] 14 Apr 2015
Plack-Middleware-SetLocalEnv-0.02 Set localized environment variables from the value of PSGI environment. [Download] [Browse] 01 Jul 2016
Plack-Middleware-XRay-0.04 Plack middleware for AWS X-Ray tracing [Download] [Browse] 22 Jun 2018
Queue-Q4Pg-Lite-0.03 Simple message queue using PostgreSQL [Download] [Browse] 27 Apr 2009
Redis-Setlock-0.11 Like the setlock command using Redis. [Download] [Browse] 23 May 2018
Sub-Pipe-0.03 chain subs with | (pipe) [Download] [Browse] 10 Jun 2009
Test-UNIXSock-0.2 testing UNIX domain socket program [Download] [Browse] 30 May 2017
WebService-FC2-SpamAPI-0.02 FC2 blog spam API client [Download] [Browse] 26 Feb 2007