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Module Version: 0.45   Source   Latest Release: Padre-1.00


Padre::Plugin::PopularityContest - The Padre Popularity Contest


The Padre Popularity Contest is a plugin that collects various information about your Padre installation as it runs, and reports that information over the internet to a central server.

The information collected from the Popularity Contest Plugin is used by the development team to track the adoption rate of different features, to help set the default configuration values, and to prioritise development focus.

In otherwords, to make life better for you in the next release, and the ones after that.

What information will we collect?

Right now? Nothing. It does nothing, and it collects nothing whatsoever.

It is merely a stub to store your permission to allow us to collect information later.

We're not exactly sure what we'll need yet, and the plan is to gradually add hooks one at a time as needed.

What information WON'T we collect?

There are some things we can be very clear about.

1. We will NEVER begin to collect information of any kind without you first explicitly telling us we are allowed to collect that type of information.

2. We will NEVER copy any information that would result in a violation of your legal rights, including copyright. That means we won't collect, record, or transmit the contents of any file.

3. We will NEVER transmit the name of any file, or the cryptographic hash of any file, or any other unique identifier of any file, although we may need to record them locally as index keys or for optimisation purposes.

3. We will NEVER transmit any information that relates to you personally unless you have given it to us already (in which case we'll only send an account identifier, not the details themselves).

4. We will NEVER transmit any information about your operating system, or any information about your network that could possibly compromise security in any way.

5. We will take as much care as we can to ensure that the collection, analysis, compression and/or transmission of your information consumes as little resources as possible, and we will in particular attempt to minimize the resource impact while you are actively coding.

Finally, if you really don't trust us (or you aren't allowed to trust us because you work inside a secure network) then we encourage you to delete this plugin entirely.


See the support section of the main Padre module.


Copyright 2008-2009 The Padre development team as listed in


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl 5 itself.

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