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Source   Latest Release: perl-ldap-0.34

NAME ^ - Sorts an LDIF file by the specified key attribute. The sorted version is written to standard output.


Sorts an LDIF file by the specified key attribute.

SYNOPSIS ^ -k keyattr [-and] file.ldif


Specifies the key attribute for making sort comparisons. If 'dn' is specified, sorting is done by the full DN string, which can be composed of different attributes for different entries.


Specifies that attributes within a given entry should also be sorted. This has the side effect of removing all comments and line continuations in the LDIF file.


Specifies numeric comparisons on the key attribute. Otherwise string comparisons are done.


Specifies that the key attribute is a DN. Comparisons are done on a DN-normalized version of attribute values. This is the default behavior if 'dn' is passed as the argument to -k.


Kartik Subbarao <>

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