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Module Version: 1.025   Source   Latest Release: CGI-Session-Auth-1.07


CGI::Session::Auth::DBI - Authenticated sessions for CGI scripts


  use CGI;
  use CGI::Session;
  use CGI::Session::Auth::DBI;

  my $cgi = new CGI;
  my $session = new CGI::Session(undef, $cgi, {Directory=>'/tmp'});
  my $auth = new CGI::Session::Auth::DBI({
      CGI => $cgi,
      Session => $session,
      DSN => 'dbi:mysql:host=localhost,database=cgiauth',
  if ($auth->loggedIn) {
  else {


CGI::Session::Auth::DBI is a subclass of CGI::Session::Auth. It uses a relational database for storing the authentication data, using the DBI module as database interface.

Database setup

Use your favourite database administration tool to create and populate the database:

CREATE TABLE auth_user ( userid char(32) NOT NULL, username varchar(30) NOT NULL, passwd varchar(30) NOT NULL default '', PRIMARY KEY (userid), UNIQUE username (username) );

INSERT INTO auth_user VALUES ( '325684ec1b028eaf562dd484c5607a65', 'admin', 'qwe123' ); INSERT INTO auth_user VALUES ( 'ef19a80d627b5c48728d388c11900f3f', 'guest', 'guest' );

CREATE TABLE auth_ip ( network char(15) NOT NULL, netmask char(15) NOT NULL, userid char(32) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (network, netmask) );

INSERT INTO auth_ip VALUES ('', '', 'ef19a80d627b5c48728d388c11900f3f' );

Mandatory columns in auth_user are userid, username and passwd. All additional columns will also be stored and accessible as user profile fields.

userid is a 32-character string and can be generated randomly by

perl -MCGI::Session::Auth -e 'print CGI::Session::Auth::uniqueUserID("myname"), "\n";'

The auth_ip table is used for IP address based authentication. Every row combines a pair of network address and subnet mask (both in dotted quad notation) with a user ID. The userid column is used as a foreign key into the auth_user table.

Constructor parameters

Additional to the standard parameters used by the new constructor of all CGI::Session::Auth classes, CGI::Session::Auth::DBI understands the following parameters:

DBHandle: Active database handle. For an explanation, see the DBI documentation.
DSN: Data source name for the database connection. For an explanation, see the DBI documentation.
DBUser: Name of the user account used for the database connection. (Default: none)
DBPasswd: Password of the user account used for the database connection. (Default: none)
DBAttr: Optional attributes used for the database connection. (Default: none)
UserTable: Name of the table containing the user authentication data and profile. (Default: 'auth_user')
IPTable: Name of the table containing the by-IP authentication data. (Default: 'auth_ip')




Jochen Lillich, <>


Copyright 2003-2005 by Jochen Lillich

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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