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PGP - perl module to work with PGP messages


use PGP;

$message = new PGP $pgppath;


The PGP module allow a perl script to work with PGP related files.


The PGP::Keyring object is used to perform key management functions.


The PGP::Key object is used to store the individual key information. It is primarily used by the PGP::Keyring object and for passing to the various methods that accept key parameters to encrypt and sign documents.

Future revisions will provide actual methods to do key comparison for the trust and validity factors. These methods will provide a standardized way to determine which keys can be trusted and which keys should not be used at all.

Known Bugs and Limitations

+ Hopefully none, proabably many!


        Gerard Hickey
        RR 2  Box 409
        Lower Main St.
        North Berwick, ME   03906


        Copyleft (l) 1996, by Gerard Hickey

What this means is that this program may be copied freely given that there is no payment in exchange for this program, and that all the source is left intact with all comments and documentation. If you wish to modify this program to correct bugs or to extend it's usefullness, please coordinate such actions with the author.

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