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This Release App-GitGot-1.15  [Download] [Browse 08 May 2014
Latest Release App-GitGot-1.333  [Download] [Browse 22 Apr 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
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App::GitGot A tool to make it easier to manage multiple git repositories.     1.15
App::GitGot::Command Base class for App::GitGot commands     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::add add a new repo to your config     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::chdir open a subshell in a selected project     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::clone clone a remote repo and add it to your config     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::fetch fetch remotes for managed repositories     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::fork fork a github repo     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::gc Run the 'gc' command to garbage collect in git repos     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::list list managed repositories     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::move move a repo in a new directory     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::mux open a tmux window for a selected project     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::push Push local changes to the default remote in git repos     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::remove remove a managed repository from your config     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::status print status info about repos     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::that check if a given repository is managed     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::this check if the current repository is managed     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::update update managed repositories     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::update_status update managed repositories then display their status     1.15
App::GitGot::Command::version display application version     1.15
App::GitGot::Outputter Generic base class for outputting formatted messages.     1.15
App::GitGot::Outputter::dark Color scheme appropriate for dark terminal backgrounds     1.15
App::GitGot::Outputter::light Color scheme appropriate for dark terminal backgrounds     1.15
App::GitGot::Repo Base repository objects     1.15
App::GitGot::Repo::Git Git repo objects     1.15


got A tool to make it easier to manage multiple code repositories using different VCSen  
got-complete shell completion helper for got  

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