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This Release HiD-1.5  [Download] [Browse 22 Mar 2014
Latest Release HiD-1.991  [Download] [Browse 17 Aug 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


HiD Static website publishing framework     1.5
HiD::App Static website generation system     1.5
HiD::App::Command Base class for HiD commands     1.5
HiD::App::Command::config dump configuration     1.5
HiD::App::Command::init initialize a new site     1.5
HiD::App::Command::publish publish site     1.5
HiD::App::Command::server HiD 'server' subcmd - start up a Plack-based web server for your site     1.5
HiD::File Regular files that are only copied, not processed (e.g., CSS, JS, etc.)     1.5
HiD::Generator Base class for generators     1.5
HiD::Generator::AtomFeed Atom feed generator     1.5
HiD::Generator::TagPages Example generator to create tagged pages     1.5
HiD::Layout Class representing a particular layout     1.5
HiD::Page Pages that are converted during the output process     1.5
HiD::Pager Class for paging thru sets of entries     1.5
HiD::Plugin Base class for plugins     1.5
HiD::Post Blog posts     1.5
HiD::Processor Base class for HiD Processor objects     1.5
HiD::Processor::Handlebars Use Text::Handlebars to publish your HiD files     1.5
HiD::Processor::IIBlog The modified form of HiD::Proccessor::Handlebars we use to publish II's blog     1.5
HiD::Processor::Template Use Template Toolkit to publish your HiD files     1.5
HiD::Role::DoesLogging Logging role     1.5
HiD::Role::IsConverted Role for objects that are converted during the publishing process     1.5
HiD::Role::IsPost Role for blog posts     1.5
HiD::Role::IsPublished Role to be consumed by classes that are published during processing     1.5
HiD::Role::PublishesDrafts Role for the 'publishes_drafts' attr     1.5
HiD::Types HiD type constraints     1.5
HiD::VirtualPage Pages injected during the build process that don't have corresponding files     1.5


hid cool site, bro.  

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