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This Release SyForm-0.008  [Download] [Browse 04 May 2014
Latest Release SyForm-0.102  [Download] [Browse 06 Jul 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


SyForm A role driven, readonly attributes, form management     0.008
SyForm::Class TODO     0.008
SyForm::Exception SyForm base exception class     0.008
SyForm::Exception::Role::WithCreateArgs Role for exceptions around the create process     0.008
SyForm::Exception::Role::WithOriginalError Role for exceptions with a non SyForm error     0.008
SyForm::Exception::Role::WithSyForm Role for exceptions with a SyForm instance as reference     0.008
SyForm::Exception::Role::WithSyFormField Role for exceptions with a SyForm field as reference     0.008
SyForm::Exception::Role::WithSyFormResults Role for exceptions with a SyForm::Results     0.008
SyForm::Exception::Role::WithSyFormValues Role for exceptions with a SyForm::Values     0.008
SyForm::Exception::UnexpectedArgToCreate Arguments given to SyForm->create are invalid     0.008
SyForm::Exception::UnexpectedValueOnViewFieldRoles viewfield_roles of the field is not giving back valid roles     0.008
SyForm::Exception::UnknownErrorOnBuildField Exception at the building of one specific field on a SyForm     0.008
SyForm::Exception::UnknownErrorOnBuildFields Exception at the building of the fields on a SyForm     0.008
SyForm::Exception::UnknownErrorOnCreate Exception at SyForm->create     0.008
SyForm::Exception::UnknownErrorOnProcess Exception on SyForm::Process->process     0.008
SyForm::Exception::UnknownErrorOnProcessValues Exception on SyForm::Process->process_values     0.008
SyForm::Exception::UnknownErrorOnResultsBuildView     0.008
SyForm::Exception::UnknownErrorOnValuesBuildResults     0.008
SyForm::Exception::ValidationFailedForTypeConstraint     0.008
SyForm::Field Role for fields in SyForm     0.008
SyForm::Field::Default A default for the field     0.008
SyForm::Field::HTML HTML attributes for the field     0.008
SyForm::Field::Label A label for the field     0.008
SyForm::Field::Process Role for processed fields     0.008
SyForm::Field::Verify SyForm::Verify configuration of the field     0.008
SyForm::Fields Role for SyForm::Values and SyForm::Results holding the fields     0.008
SyForm::Label A label for the form     0.008
SyForm::Meta::Attribute::Field Role for SyForm fields meta attributes     0.008
SyForm::Process Role for processed fields     0.008
SyForm::Results Results of the processing of SyForm::Values     0.008
SyForm::Results::Success A bool for holding the success of the form process     0.008
SyForm::Results::Verify Trait for SyForm fields of SyForm::Results and SyForm::Values attributes     0.008
SyForm::Values Values given of the fields through the process args     0.008
SyForm::Values::Verify Verification of values for the SyForm::Results     0.008
SyForm::Verify Main verification logic     0.008
SyForm::View Container for SyForm::Results and SyForm::ViewField     0.008
SyForm::View::Success Fetching success value from SyForn::Results of give back true     0.008
SyForm::View::Verify Trait for SyForm fields of SyForm::Results and SyForm::Values attributes     0.008
SyForm::ViewField Role for fields inside a SyForm::View     0.008
SyForm::ViewField::Verify Trait for SyForm fields of SyForm::Results and SyForm::Values attributes     0.008