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Source   Latest Release: AnyEvent-MPRPC-0.20


AnyEvent::MPRPC::Server - Simple TCP-based MessagePack RPC server


    use AnyEvent::MPRPC::Server;
    my $server = AnyEvent::MPRPC::Server->new( port => 4423 );
        echo => sub {
            my ($res_cv, @params) = @_;
        sum => sub {
            my ($res_cv, @params) = @_;
            $res_cv->result( $params[0] + $params[1] );


This module is server part of AnyEvent::MPRPC.


new (%options) ^

Create server object, start listening socket, and return object.

    my $server = AnyEvent::MPRPC::Server->new(
        port => 4423,

Available %options are:

port => 'Int | Str'

Listening port or path to unix socket (Required)

address => 'Str'

Bind address. Default to undef: This means server binds all interfaces by default.

If you want to use unix socket, this option should be set to "unix/"

on_error => $cb->($handle, $fatal, $message)

Error callback which is called when some errors occured. This is actually AnyEvent::Handle's on_error.

on_eof => $cb->($handle)

EOF callback. same as AnyEvent::Handle's on_eof callback.

handler_options => 'HashRef'

Hashref options of AnyEvent::Handle that is used to handle client connections.

reg_cb (%callbacks)

Register MessagePack RPC methods.

        echo => sub {
            my ($res_cv, @params) = @_;
        sum => sub {
            my ($res_cv, @params) = @_;
            $res_cv->result( $params[0] + $params[1] );

callback arguments

MessagePack RPC callback arguments consists of $result_cv, and request @params.

    my ($result_cv, @params) = @_;

$result_cv is AnyEvent::MPRPC::CondVar object. Callback must be call <$result_cv-result>> to return result or <$result_cv-error>> to return error.

If $result_cv is not defined, it is notify request, so you don't have to return response. See AnyEvent::MPRPC::Client notify method.

@params is same as request parameter.


Tokuhiro Matsuno <>


Copyright (c) 2009 by tokuhirom.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.

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