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dim - Distribution Maker


    # set your name and email address first
    dim config 'foo bar'
    dim config 'foo at'
    # or import user info from $HOME/.gitconfig
    dim config --import-from-gitconfig

    # then make distributions
    dim init Foo::Bar             # creates a distribution
    dim init Foo::Bar Default     # ditto
    dim init Foo::Bar::XS XS      # using D::M::Template::XS
    dim --verbose=4 init Foo::Bar # with verbosity
    dim init --force Foo::Bar     # do `rm -rf Foo-Bar` before init
    dim init --dry-run Foo::Bar   # don't actially init the dist

    # cd and do something important
    cd Foo-Bar/

    # add new files
    dim new               # creates lib/Foo/Bar/
    dim new t/001-basic.t        # creates a test file
    dim new xs/Foo-Bar-Baz.xs XS # creates a file with D::M::Template::XS
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