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藤 吾郎 > Mouse-1.09


This Release Mouse-1.09  [Download] [Browse 24 Apr 2013
Latest Release Mouse-v2.5.4  [Download] [Browse 04 May 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Mouse Moose minus the antlers     1.09
Mouse::Exporter make an import() and unimport() just like      
Mouse::Meta::Attribute The Mouse attribute metaclass      
Mouse::Meta::Class The Mouse class metaclass      
Mouse::Meta::Method A Mouse Method metaclass      
Mouse::Meta::Method::Accessor A Mouse method generator for accessors      
Mouse::Meta::Method::Constructor A Mouse method generator for constructors      
Mouse::Meta::Method::Delegation A Mouse method generator for delegation methods      
Mouse::Meta::Method::Destructor A Mouse method generator for destructors      
Mouse::Meta::Module The common base class of Mouse::Meta::Class and Mouse::Meta::Role      
Mouse::Meta::Role The Mouse Role metaclass      
Mouse::Meta::Role::Application The Mouse role application class      
Mouse::Meta::Role::Composite An object to represent the set of roles      
Mouse::Meta::Role::Method A Mouse Method metaclass for Roles      
Mouse::Meta::TypeConstraint The Mouse Type Constraint metaclass      
Mouse::Object The base object for Mouse classes      
Mouse::PurePerl A Mouse guts in pure Perl      
Mouse::Role The Mouse Role     1.09
Mouse::Spec To what extent Mouse is compatible with Moose     1.09
Mouse::TypeRegistry (DEPRECATED)      
Mouse::Util Utilities for working with Mouse classes     1.09
Mouse::Util::MetaRole Apply roles to any metaclass, as well as the object base class      
Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints Type constraint system for Mouse      
Squirrel Use Mouse, unless Moose is already loaded. (DEPRECATED)      
Squirrel::Role Use Mouse::Role, unless Moose::Role is already loaded. (DEPRECATED)      
Test::Mouse Test functions for Mouse specific features      
ouse syntactic sugar to make Mouse one-liners easier      


Mouse::Tiny Mouse in a single file  
Mouse::XS A Mouse guts in XS