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藤 吾郎 > Text-Xslate-1.5019


This Release Text-Xslate-1.5019  [Download] [Browse 02 Oct 2012
Latest Release Text-Xslate-v3.5.6  [Download] [Browse 07 Jan 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Text::Xslate Scalable template engine for Perl5     1.5019
Text::Xslate::Bridge The interface base class to import methods      
Text::Xslate::Bridge::Star Selection of common utilities for templates      
Text::Xslate::Compiler An Xslate compiler to generate intermediate code      
Text::Xslate::HashWithDefault Helper class to fill in default values      
Text::Xslate::PP Yet another Text::Xslate runtime in pure Perl     1.5019
Text::Xslate::PP::Const Text::Xslate constants in pure Perl      
Text::Xslate::PP::Method Text::Xslate builtin method call in pure Perl      
Text::Xslate::PP::Opcode Text::Xslate opcode implementation in pure Perl     1.5019
Text::Xslate::PP::State Text::Xslate pure-Perl virtual machine state      
Text::Xslate::PP::Type::Macro Text::Xslate macro object in pure Perl      
Text::Xslate::PP::Type::Pair Text::Xslate builtin pair type in pure Perl      
Text::Xslate::PP::Type::Raw Text::Xslate raw string type in pure Perl      
Text::Xslate::Parser The base class of template parsers      
Text::Xslate::Runner The guts of the xslate(1) command      
Text::Xslate::Symbol The symbol representation used by parsers and compilers      
Text::Xslate::Syntax::Kolon The default template syntax      
Text::Xslate::Syntax::Metakolon The same as Kolon but using [% ... %] tags      
Text::Xslate::Syntax::TTerse An alternative syntax compatible with Template Toolkit 2      
Text::Xslate::Type::Raw The raw string representation      
Text::Xslate::Util A set of utilities for Xslate      


Text::Xslate::Manual Xslate users manual  
Text::Xslate::Manual::Builtin Builtin methods and filters/functions in Xslate  
Text::Xslate::Manual::Cookbook How to cook Xslate templates  
Text::Xslate::Manual::Debugging Debugging techniques for Xslate templates  
Text::Xslate::Manual::FAQ Frequently asked questions and answers  
xslate Process Xslate Templates