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Audio::Beep::BSD::beep - Audio::Beep player module using the beep program


This player module IS NOT TESTED! I found docs about the BSD beep program but I never had a chance to use it or test it. So use it AT YOUR OWN RISK and report me bugs if possible.


    my $player = Audio::Beep::BSD::beep->new([%options]);


The new class method can receive as option in hash fashion the following directives

path => '/full/path/to/beep'

With the path option you can set the full path to the beep program in the object. If you don't use this option the new method will look anyway in some likely places where beep should be before returning undef.

device => '/dev/myspeaker'

Use the device option if your speaker device is different from "/dev/speaker". AFAIK this device exists only on i386 architecture. That also means that this module won't probably work for different architectures.


The beep program is a BSD program wrote by Andrew Stevenson. I found it at , but you can find it also here


None known, but all possible, cause this IS NOT TESTED.


Copyright 2004 Giulio Motta

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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