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Time::ProseClock - an alternative to digital and analog formats


  use Time::ProseClock;

  my $time = Time::ProseClock->new();
  print $time->display();

  If the time were between 09:06:01 - 09:06:59 it would display:

      just after five past nine in the morning

  Granularity is a minute.  It would undermine the philosophy of
  ProseClock to display, for example, "just after five past nine in
  the morning and twenty-four seconds."

  An optional parameter to the display() method can show a
  user-defined time instead of the system time:

      print $time->display(time - 3600);

  to display the time one hour ago. 'time' is the number of non-leap
  seconds since whatever time the system considers to be the epoch.


Time::ProseClock displays the time in the manner of a spoken English colloquial expression. It's aware of the notions of morning, afternoon, and night, thus always in 24 hour mode. Localization integration hooks for other languages may be forthcoming.


Gerald Gold <>


Copyright (c) 2003-Eternity Gerald Gold and channelping. All rights reserved. This class is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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