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Distribution Released
Bundle-Net-Frame-1.03 A bundle to install various Net::Frame related modules [Download] [Browse] 13 Jan 2015
Class-Gomor-1.03 another class and object builder [Download] [Browse] 13 Jan 2015
DBIx-SQLite-Simple-0.35 easy access to SQLite databases using objects [Download] [Browse] 04 Jan 2015
Lib-Furl-1.00 binding for stricaud faup library [Download] [Browse] 01 Nov 2012
Metabrik-1.30 There is Brik for that. [Download] [Browse] 12 Jan 2018
Metabrik-Repository-1.30 Metabrik Briks repository [Download] [Browse] 12 Jan 2018
Net-Frame-1.19 the base framework for frame crafting [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2018
Net-Frame-Device-1.12 get network device information and gateway [Download] [Browse] 22 Nov 2015
Net-Frame-Dump-1.17 base-class for a tcpdump like implementation [Download] [Browse] 17 Jun 2018
Net-Frame-Layer-8021Q-1.03 802.1Q layer object [Download] [Browse] 20 Jan 2015
Net-Frame-Layer-GRE-1.05 Generic Route Encapsulation layer object [Download] [Browse] 20 Jan 2015
Net-Frame-Layer-ICMPv4-1.05 Internet Control Message Protocol v4 layer object [Download] [Browse] 20 Jan 2015
Net-Frame-Layer-ICMPv6-1.10 Internet Control Message Protocol v6 layer object [Download] [Browse] 06 Oct 2017
Net-Frame-Layer-IPv6-1.08 Internet Protocol v6 layer object [Download] [Browse] 07 May 2017
Net-Frame-Layer-LLC-1.03 Logical-Link Control layer object [Download] [Browse] 13 Jan 2015
Net-Frame-Layer-LLTD-1.01 Link Layer Topology Discovery layer object [Download] [Browse] 15 Jan 2015
Net-Frame-Layer-LOOP-1.01 LOOP layer object [Download] [Browse] 15 Jan 2015
Net-Frame-Layer-OSPF-1.01 Open Shortest Path First layer object [Download] [Browse] 15 Jan 2015
Net-Frame-Layer-PPPLCP-1.01 PPP Link Control Protocol layer object [Download] [Browse] 15 Jan 2015
Net-Frame-Layer-PPPoES-1.02 PPP-over-Ethernet layer object [Download] [Browse] 15 Jan 2015
Net-Frame-Layer-SinFP3-1.01 SinFP3 communication protocol [Download] [Browse] 22 Nov 2012
Net-Frame-Layer-STP-1.02 Spanning Tree Protocol layer object [Download] [Browse] 15 Jan 2015
Net-Frame-Layer-UDPLite-1.01 UDPLite layer object [Download] [Browse] 22 Jan 2015
Net-Frame-Simple-1.09 frame crafting made easy [Download] [Browse] 09 Nov 2017
Net-Frame-Tools-1.04 useful network utilities created using Net::Frame [Download] [Browse] 22 Jan 2015
Net-Libdnet-0.98 binding for Dug Song's libdnet [Download] [Browse] 22 Nov 2012
Net-Libdnet6-0.27 adds IPv6 support to Net::Libdnet [Download] [Browse] 28 Jan 2015
Net-Lorcon2-2.03 Raw wireless packet injection using the Lorcon2 library [Download] [Browse] 16 Feb 2015
Net-Packet-3.28 a framework to easily send and receive frames from layer 2 to layer 7 [Download] [Browse] 15 Feb 2015
Net-Routing-0.44 manage route entries on Operating Systems [Download] [Browse] 12 Nov 2015
Net-SinFP3-1.23 more than OS fingerprinting unification [Download] [Browse] 24 Nov 2015
Net-SinFP3-Plugin-Signature-1.01 plugin to handle SinFP3 database signatures [Download] [Browse] 04 Jan 2015
Net-Write-1.10 a portable interface to open and send raw data to network [Download] [Browse] 03 Mar 2015
Net-Write-Fast-0.18 create and inject packets fast [Download] [Browse] 03 Feb 2016
Splunklib-0.23 the Splunk SDK to create custom commands in Perl [Download] [Browse] 03 Oct 2015
vFeed-0.12 Interface to vFeed Open Source Cross Linked and Aggregated Local Vulnerability Database [Download] [Browse] 10 Apr 2014