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Patrice Auffret > Net-SinFP3-1.21


This Release Net-SinFP3-1.21  [Download] [Browse 02 Dec 2012
Latest Release Net-SinFP3-1.23  [Download] [Browse 24 Nov 2015
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License The Artistic License 1.0
Special Files


Net::SinFP3 more than OS fingerprinting unification     1.21
Net::SinFP3::DB base class for DB plugin objects      
Net::SinFP3::DB::Null turn off DB plugin      
Net::SinFP3::DB::SinFP3 main access to signature database      
Net::SinFP3::Ext::IP methods used for handling IP headers      
Net::SinFP3::Ext::IP::IPv4 methods used when in IPv4 mode      
Net::SinFP3::Ext::IP::IPv6 methods used when in IPv6 mode      
Net::SinFP3::Ext::S SinFP3 signature object      
Net::SinFP3::Ext::SP SinFP3 passive signature object      
Net::SinFP3::Ext::TCP methods used for handling TCP headers      
Net::SinFP3::Global global configuration and useful methods for all objects      
Net::SinFP3::Input base class for Input plugin objects      
Net::SinFP3::Input::ArpDiscover object describing a SinFP target      
Net::SinFP3::Input::Connect methods used when in TCP connect active mode      
Net::SinFP3::Input::IpPort object describing a SinFP target      
Net::SinFP3::Input::Null turn off Input plugin      
Net::SinFP3::Input::Pcap get input objects from a pcap file      
Net::SinFP3::Input::Server API server Input plugin      
Net::SinFP3::Input::Signature takes an active signature      
Net::SinFP3::Input::SignatureP takes a passive signature      
Net::SinFP3::Input::Sniff sniff the network and returns Next::Frame objects      
Net::SinFP3::Input::SynScan TCP SYN scanning input method      
Net::SinFP3::Log base class for Log objects      
Net::SinFP3::Log::Console logging directly on the console      
Net::SinFP3::Log::Null disable logging      
Net::SinFP3::Mode base class for Mode plugin objects      
Net::SinFP3::Mode::Active methods used when in active mode      
Net::SinFP3::Mode::Null turn off Mode plugin      
Net::SinFP3::Mode::Passive methods used when in passive mode      
Net::SinFP3::Next base class for Next objects      
Net::SinFP3::Next::Active object describing a SinFP3 active signature      
Net::SinFP3::Next::Client a Next object to handle a network client      
Net::SinFP3::Next::Frame object describing a frame      
Net::SinFP3::Next::IpPort object describing the next target with IP and port      
Net::SinFP3::Next::MultiFrame object containing an multiple frames      
Net::SinFP3::Next::Null turn off Next object      
Net::SinFP3::Next::Passive object describing a SinFP3 passive signature      
Net::SinFP3::Output base class for Output plugin objects      
Net::SinFP3::Output::CSV plugin to save results in CSV format      
Net::SinFP3::Output::Client output results to a SinFP3 client      
Net::SinFP3::Output::Console display results on console output      
Net::SinFP3::Output::Dumper display results using Data::Dumper      
Net::SinFP3::Output::Null turn off Output plugin      
Net::SinFP3::Output::OsOnly display only OS results on console output      
Net::SinFP3::Output::OsVersionFamily display results on console output      
Net::SinFP3::Output::Pcap writes frames to a pcap file      
Net::SinFP3::Output::Simple output results in a simple way to console      
Net::SinFP3::Output::Ubigraph plugin to display results using Ubigraph      
Net::SinFP3::Plugin how to create a SinFP3 plugin      
Net::SinFP3::Result base class for Result objects      
Net::SinFP3::Result::Active contains all information about matched fingerprint      
Net::SinFP3::Result::Passive contains all information about matched passive fingerprint      
Net::SinFP3::Result::PortError result object when target port is in error      
Net::SinFP3::Result::Unknown result object when target fingerprint is unknown      
Net::SinFP3::Search base class for Search plugin objects      
Net::SinFP3::Search::Active matching active signatures search engine      
Net::SinFP3::Search::Null turn off Search plugin      
Net::SinFP3::Search::Passive matching passive signatures search engine      
Net::SinFP3::Worker base class for worker models      
Net::SinFP3::Worker::Fork fork-based worker model      
Net::SinFP3::Worker::Thread thread-based worker model      

Documentation more than a passive and active OS fingerprinting tool