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Distribution Released
POSIX-strptime-0.13 Perl extension to the POSIX date parsing strptime(3) function [Download] [Browse] 11 Nov 2015
Net-Bugzilla-Kanbanize-0.007-TRIAL Bugzilla and Kanbanize sync tool [Download] [Browse] 26 Jun 2014
Net-NewRelic-0.03_1 Perl extension the NewRelic Agent SDK [Download] [Browse] 14 Mar 2014
Scalar-Readonly-0.03 functions for controlling whether any scalar variable is read-only [Download] [Browse] 23 Jan 2012
mod_perl-1.31 Embed a Perl interpreter in the Apache HTTP server [Download] [Browse] 13 May 2009
Apache2-Layout-0.6 mod_perl 2.0 html layout engine [Download] [Browse] 03 Jan 2008
Apache2-Tail-0.03 mod_perl handler to display the error_log [Download] [Browse] 28 Dec 2007
Apache-SizeLimit-0.91 Because size does matter. [Download] [Browse] 30 Mar 2007
PPM-Profile-1.4   [Download] [Browse] 19 Jan 2007
Apache2-Instrument-0.01   [Download] [Browse] 12 Oct 2006
Apache-Test-1.25 wrapper with helpers for testing Apache [Download] [Browse] 17 Jun 2005
X-Osd-0.7 Perl extension to the X On Screen Display library (xosd) [Download] [Browse] 01 Jul 2003
Apache-Language-0.14 Perl transparent language support for Apache modules and mod_perl scripts [Download] [Browse] 21 Jul 2000
Apache-AutoIndex-0.08 Perl replacment for mod_autoindex and mod_dir Apache module [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 1999