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INSTALL.win32 - Apache mod_perl installation instructions for Win32


How to build, test, configure and install mod_perl under Win32


patience - mod_perl is considered alpha under NT and Windows9x.

MSVC++ 5.0+, Apache version 1.3-dev or higher and Perl 5.004_02 or higher.

As of version 1.24_01, mod_perl will build on Win32 ActivePerls based on Perl-5.6.1 (builds 6xx). Versions 1.28_01 will build on ActivePerls 8xx, based on Perl-5.8.0.


See for Win32 binaries, including ActivePerl ppms of mod_perl and some Apache::* packages.


Beginning with version 1.3.15, Apache has changed the convention for naming Win32 modules in order to follow that for Unix systems. Consequently, the name of the mod_perl module built here has been changed from ApacheModulePerl.dll to This is just a change in convention; if you are building mod_perl against pre-1.3.15 Apache sources, and wish to follow the old convention, simply copy to your Apache modules directory as ApacheModulePerl.dll.


There are two ways to build mod_perl - with MS Developer Studio, and through command-line arguments to 'perl Makefile.PL'.

Building with MS Developer Studio

Setup the Perl side


  perl Makefile.PL
  nmake install

This will install the Perl side of mod_perl and setup files for the library build.


Using MS developer studio,

 select "File -> Open Workspace ...", 
 select "Files of type [Projects (*.dsp)]"
 open mod_perl-x.xx/src/modules/win32/mod_perl.dsp
 select "Tools -> Options -> [Directories]"

 select "Show directories for: [Include files]"

You'll need to add the following paths:

 .  (should expand to C:\...\mod_perl-x.xx\src\modules\perl)

select "Project -> Add to Project -> Files" adding:

 perl.lib (or perl56.lib)   (e.g. C:\perl\lib\Core\perl.lib)
 ApacheCore.lib (e.g. C:\Apache\ApacheCore.lib)

 select "Build -> Set Active Configuration... -> 
 [mod_perl - Win32 Release]"

 select "Build -> Build"

You may see some harmless warnings, which can be reduced (along with the size of the DLL), by setting:

 "Project -> Settings -> [C/C++] -> Category: [Code Generation] -> 
  Use runtime library: [Multithreaded DLL]

Once is built and apache.exe is installed you may test mod_perl with:

 nmake test
Apache setup

You do not need to rebuild apache, just copy to $SERVER_ROOT/modules

Building with arguments to 'perl Makefile.PL'

Generating the Makefile as, for example,

 perl Makefile.PL APACHE_SRC=\Apache

will build mod_perl (including entirely from the command line. The arguments accepted include


This can be one of two values: either the path to the Apache build directory (eg, ..\apache_1.3.xx), or to the installed Apache location (eg, \Apache). This is used to set the locations of ApacheCore.lib and the Apache header files. Also, will be installed to APACHE_SRC\modules, if such a directory exists and if an INSTALL_DLL argument isn't used.


This gives the location of where to install (eg, \Apache\modules). If not given, a value of APACHE_SRC\modules will be used, if this directory exists.


This gives the location of where to install mod_perl.lib (eg, \Apache\libexec). If not given, a value of APACHE_SRC\libexec will be used, if this directory exists.


If true (DEBUG=1), a Debug version will be built (this assumes that a Debug Apache has been built). If false, or not given, a Release version will be built.


If true (EAPI=1), EAPI (Extended API) will be defined when compiling. This is useful when building mod_perl against mod_ssl patched Apache sources. If false, or not given, EAPI will not be defined.

After this, running

   nmake test
   nmake install

will complete the installation.

This latter method of building mod_perl will also install the Apache and mod_perl header files, which can then be accessed through the Apache::src module.


Add this line to httpd.conf:

 LoadModule perl_module modules/

Be sure that 'C:\perl\bin' is in your path so apache can find perl.dll. You may also want to use the directive

 LoadFile "C:/Perl/bin/perl56.dll"

(before loading to load your perl dll.

See the cgi_to_mod_perl.pod and mod_perl.pod documents for general configuration.


mod_perl-win32 is considered alpha, at the time of this writing, and Apache 1.xx is not as well developed for Win32 as the Unix counterpart.

CGI::Switch does not work with apache_1.3a1 because basic_http_header() is not exported by the ApacheCore.dll. For now, just change:

 use CGI::Switch ();
 my $q = CGI::Switch->new;

 - to -

 use CGI ();
 my $q = CGI->new;

There are basic multi-threading limitations of mod_perl 1 on Win32. See the Win32 documentation at for a discussion, and also for details of the use of mod_perl 2 (with Apache 2) which overcomes this limitation.

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