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Cory G Watson > Chart-Clicker-2.83


This Release Chart-Clicker-2.83  [Download] [Browse 21 Jun 2012
Latest Release Chart-Clicker-2.90  [Download] [Browse 14 Dec 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Chart::Clicker Powerful, extensible charting.     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Axis An X or Y Axis     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Axis::DateTime An X or Y Axis using DateTime     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Component Base class that extends Graphics::Primitive::Component     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Container Base class that extends Graphics::Primitive::Container     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Context A rendering context: Axes, Markers and a Renderer     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Data::DataSet A collection of series     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Data::Marker Highlight arbitrary value(s)     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Data::Range A range of Data     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Data::Series A series of key, value pairs representing chart data     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Data::Series::HighLow Series data with additional attributes for High-Low charts     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Data::Series::Size Chart data with additional attributes for Size charts     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Decoration Shiny baubles!     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::Glass Under-chart gradient decoration     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::Grid Under-data grid     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::Legend Series name, color key     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::Legend::Tabular Tabular version of Legend     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::MarkerOverlay Component for drawing markers     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::OverAxis An axis drawn over data     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::Plot Area on which renderers draw     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Drawing::ColorAllocator Color picker     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Positioned Role for components that care about position.     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Renderer Base class for renderers     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Area Area renderer     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Bar Bar renderer     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Bubble Bubble render     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::CandleStick CandleStick renderer     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Line Line renderer     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Pie Pie renderer     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Point Point renderer     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::PolarArea Polar Area renderer     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::StackedArea Stacked Area renderer     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::StackedBar Stacked Bar renderer     2.83
Chart::Clicker::Tutorial A Tutorial for using Chart::Clicker     2.83

Other Files