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Cory G Watson > Graphics-Primitive-0.62


This Release Graphics-Primitive-0.62  [Download] [Browse 24 Jan 2014
Latest Release Graphics-Primitive-0.67  [Download] [Browse 22 Jan 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Graphics::Primitive Device and library agnostic graphic primitives     0.62
Graphics::Primitive::Aligned Role for components that care about alignment.      
Graphics::Primitive::Border Line around components      
Graphics::Primitive::Brush Description of a stroke      
Graphics::Primitive::Canvas Component composed of paths      
Graphics::Primitive::Component Base graphical unit      
Graphics::Primitive::ComponentList List of Components      
Graphics::Primitive::Container Component that holds other Components      
Graphics::Primitive::Driver Role for driver implementations      
Graphics::Primitive::Driver::TextLayout TextLayout role      
Graphics::Primitive::Font Text styling      
Graphics::Primitive::Image Image component      
Graphics::Primitive::Insets Space between things      
Graphics::Primitive::Operation A drawing instruction      
Graphics::Primitive::Operation::Fill Paint inside a path      
Graphics::Primitive::Operation::Stroke Draw along a path      
Graphics::Primitive::Oriented Role for components that care about orientation.      
Graphics::Primitive::Paint A source for drawing on a path      
Graphics::Primitive::Paint::Gradient Color blending      
Graphics::Primitive::Paint::Gradient::Linear Linear color blending      
Graphics::Primitive::Paint::Gradient::Radial Radial color blending      
Graphics::Primitive::Paint::Solid Solid patch of color      
Graphics::Primitive::Path Collection of primitives      
Graphics::Primitive::TextBox Text component