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Distribution Released
Games-Chess-Referee-0.003 work with chess positions and games, according to the rules of chess. [Download] [Browse] 26 Mar 2006
GDA-0.2 GNU Data Access library Perl bindings [Download] [Browse] 09 Jul 2001
Image-Density-0.3   [Download] [Browse] 30 Apr 2012
Lip-Pod-0.001 Literate Perl filter [Download] [Browse] 18 Mar 2000
ltag-1.000 List CVS tags [Download] [Browse] 30 Sep 2000
MAS-TIFF-0.4 Pure Perl TIFF image metadata and samples reading [Download] [Browse] 30 Apr 2012
Morale-0.002 Perl module for managing individual and calculating group morale. [Download] [Browse] 12 Apr 2001
psh-1.8.1 Perl SHell [Download] [Browse] 20 Jul 2007
Python-Bytecode-SAX-0.1 Process Python bytecode, generating SAX events. [Download] [Browse] 20 Feb 2003
Scrape-USPS-ZipLookup-2.6 Programmatic interaction with the USPS Zip Code Lookup web application [Download] [Browse] 28 Mar 2012
Tie-Array-FileWriter-0.1 A Perl module for writing records to files as items are pushed onto a virtual array [Download] [Browse] 09 Nov 2001
XPC-0.2 XML Procedure Call [Download] [Browse] 12 Apr 2001