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GROMMIER Sébastien > Text-Editor-Easy-0.49


This Release Text-Editor-Easy-0.49  [Download] [Browse 26 Jul 2009
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Special Files


Text::Editor::Easy A perl module to edit perl code with syntax highlighting and more.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract The module that manages everything that is displayed.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract::Key Key functions using subs of "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract" module. Faster than using the object-oriented interface (that is, faster than "Text::Editor::Easy::Key") but not very clear.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Comm Thread communication mecanism of "Text::Editor::Easy" module.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Cursor Object oriented interface to cursor data (managed by "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract")     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Data Global common data shared by all threads.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Display Object oriented interface to displays (managed by "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract"). A display is a screen line. With wrap mode, you can have several displays for a single line on a file.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Events Manage events linked to user code : specific code is referenced and called here.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::File_manager Management of the data that is edited.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Graphic::Tk_glue Link between "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract" and "Tk".     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Key Key functions using object-oriented interface of "Text::Editor::Easy".     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Line Object oriented interface to a file line (managed in the background by "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract" and "Text::Editor::Easy::File_manager").     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Motion Manage various user events on "Text::Editor::Easy" objects.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Program::Eval::Exec Execution of macro panel instructions in the "" program.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Program::Eval::Print Redirection of prints coming from the macro panel of the "" program (insertion in a "Text::Editor::Easy" object).     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Program::Flush STDOUT and SDTERR redirection when launching a new application from "" program.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Program::Open_editor The "Open" function of the "" program uses a special "Text::Editor::Easy" object. Here is the code that makes this instance special.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Program::Save This module makes regular saves of the entire "Text::Editor::Easy" tree under developpement.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Program::Search Bad named module (initially searching text) : used to answer to user modification in the Eval tab of the program.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Program::Tab Tab simulation with a Text::Editor::Easy object.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Screen Object oriented interface to screen data (managed by "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract").     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Syntax::Perl_glue Perl highlighting (will always be limited, perl is too dynamic...). Contexts are still not yet managed.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Test::Test1 Used for tests.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Test::Test3 Used for tests.     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Trace::Full Full trace management. The following events are saved on files : print (on STDOUT or STDERR), inter-thread call and user event (key press, mouse move, ...). For each trace, the client thread and the s    0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Window Object oriented interface to window data (managed by "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract"). This module will replace "common parts" of the old "".     0.49
Text::Editor::Easy::Zone A "zone" is a part of a window. Several "Text::Editor::Easy" objects can share the same "zone". But only one "Text::Editor::Easy" object can be on the top of its zone. So , in a particular zone, only     0.49

Documentation An editor written using Text::Editor::Easy objects.  
Text::Editor::Easy::Graphic::Console_glue Link between "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract" and a terminal. Does not actually work.  
Text::Editor::Easy::Graphic::Gtk_glue Link between "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract" and "Gtk". Does not actually work.  
Text::Editor::Easy::Syntax::perl_assist Automatic indentation, addition of characters,...