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Distribution Released
Template-Plugin-Trac-1.02 TT filter for Text::Trac [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
Template-Plugin-TimeDate-1.02 TT plugin to parse/format dates using TimeDate [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
Template-Plugin-NoFollow-1.02 TT filter to add rel="nofollow" to all HTML links [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
Template-Plugin-LinkTarget-0.02 TT filter to add "target" attribute to all HTML links [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
TAP-Formatter-JUnit-0.11 Harness output delegate for JUnit output [Download] [Browse] 01 Oct 2014
Log-Dispatch-Twilio-0.02 Log output via Twilio SMS Message [Download] [Browse] 04 Dec 2012
Log-Dispatch-TestDiag-0.01 Log to Test::More's diagnostic output [Download] [Browse] 20 Dec 2011
JavaScript-Minifier-XS-0.11 XS based JavaScript minifier [Download] [Browse] 27 Jan 2015
Data-FormValidator-Profile-0.07 Profile object for Data::FormValidator [Download] [Browse] 28 Nov 2013
Data-FormValidator-EmailValid-0.05 Data::FormValidator e-mail address constraint/filter [Download] [Browse] 25 Nov 2015
Data-FormValidator-Constraints-MethodsFactory-0.02 Create constraints for Data::FormValidator [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
Data-FormValidator-Constraints-CreditCard-0.02 Data constraints, using Business::CreditCard [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
CSS-Minifier-XS-0.09 XS based CSS minifier [Download] [Browse] 31 Oct 2013
Crypt-OpenToken-0.06 Perl implementation of Ping Identity's "OpenToken" [Download] [Browse] 02 Nov 2010
Class-DBI-Plugin-TO_JSON-0.03 Help integrate Class::DBI with JSON::XS [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
CGI-Application-Plugin-TT-LastModified-1.02 Set "Last-Modified" header based on TT template [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
Apache2-Filter-Minifier-JavaScript-1.05 JS minifying output filter [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
Apache2-Filter-Minifier-CSS-1.05 CSS minifying output filter [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
Alien-scriptaculous- installing and finding [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
Alien-Prototype-Window-1.3.3 installing and finding Prototype Window Class [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
Alien-Prototype-Carousel-0.26.3 installing and finding Prototype Carousel component [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
Alien-Prototype- installing and finding Prototype JS library [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
Alien-Lightbox- installing and finding Lightbox JS [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010
Alien-IE7-0.9.3 installing and finding IE7 JS compatibility library [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2010