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  Kwiki::Widgets::Links - Just put some links on your widget pane.


  % kwiki -add Kwiki::Widgets::Links
  % vim config.yaml
  # edit "widgets_links"' value


There are just some times you just want to put some convienent links on the side of your Kwiki screen, and this is the plugin that does it. After installing this plugin, please edit config.yaml, and add a keyword "widgets_links" like this:

  - Kwiki
  - Perl
  - CPAN

You could also find the default value in config/widgets_links.yaml. It is a list that has titles of links in the odds elements, with its url next to it. It has to be written in this way because Kwiki::Config doesn't fully implement YAML syntax. So this is a work-around.

After editing, these links would appear on the widget pane of your kwiki screen. (So please make sure you're using a theme with widget pane.)

Enjoy it.


Copyright 2005 by Kang-min Liu <>.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

See <>

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