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AUTHORS The usual suspects
bin/gtestrunner  [pod] Wrapper script
Build.PL  [pod] Build builder script
ChangeLog ChangeLog
Credits THANKS but for
COPYING Licensing Glade UI file
gtestrunner.gladep Glade options Source source
lib/LocaleData/bg/LC_MESSAGES/ Binary Bulgarian translation
lib/LocaleData/de/LC_MESSAGES/ Binary German translation
lib/LocaleData/en_GB/LC_MESSAGES/ Binary British English translation
lib/Test/Unit/  [pod] Main module
lib/Test/Unit/GTestRunner/  [pod] Load and list test suites
lib/Test/Unit/GTestRunner/  [pod] Worker module for Test::Unit::GTestRunner
Makefile.PL Makefile generator
MANIFEST This list of files
META.yml Module meta-data (added by MakeMaker)
NEWS Latest news
po/ Bulgarian compiled message catalog
po/bg.po Bulgarian message catalog
po/ German compiled message catalog
po/de.po German message catalog
po/ British English compiled message catalog
po/en_GB.po British English message catalog
po/Makefile Makefile for i18n
po/PACKAGE Helper file for i18n
po/ List of translatable files
po/Test-Unit-GTestRunner.pot Master message catalog
README Package Overview
README-TRANSLATIONS Translation status
ReleaseNotes NEWS but for
SIGNATURE Signature for the module
Suites/ Dummy module being tested
Suites/ Dummy test case
Suites/ Dummy test case
Suites/ Dummy test case
Suites/ Dummy test suite
Suites/ Dummy test suite
Suites/ Dummy test suite
Suites/ Dummy test suite that runs the test
t/00load.t Very basic test
t/01signature.t Signature testing
TODO Things left to be done