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Guido Socher > HTML-TagReader-1.10


This Release HTML-TagReader-1.10  [Download] [Browse 24 Jul 2009
Latest Release HTML-TagReader-1.11  [Download] [Browse 09 Sep 2016
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HTML::TagReader Perl extension module for reading html/sgml/xml files by tags.     1.10


tr_blck check for broken relative links in html pages  
tr_delfont delete font tags that hardcode the size or the font face.  
tr_fixltgt fix < and > in text parts of html files to become &lt; and &gt;  
tr_httpcheck check if a particular web-pages exists  
tr_imgaddsize add width and height to <img src=...>  
tr_llnk list links in html files  
tr_mailtoexpand expand mailto: into a non clickable name and mail address.  
tr_mvlnk modify tags in html files with perl commands.  
tr_staticssi expand SSI directives #include virtual and #exec cmd  
tr_tagcontentgrep grep for a xml/sgml/html tag  
tr_xlnk process html files and expand links on directories