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G. Wade Johnson > Weather-Bug-0.25


This Release Weather-Bug-0.25  [Download] [Browse 17 Sep 2010
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Special Files


Weather::Bug Provide an object oriented interface to the WeatherBug API.     0.25
Weather::Bug::Alert Simple class interface to WeatherBug alerts.     0.25
Weather::Bug::CompactWeather Simple class interface for a compact weather report.     0.25
Weather::Bug::DateParser Parse WeatherBug date string into a DateTime object     0.25
Weather::Bug::Forecast Simple class interface to a single forecast from the WeatherBug API.     0.25
Weather::Bug::Location Simple class interface to the location of a WeatherBug Station or observation.     0.25
Weather::Bug::Quantity Abstraction for a value with units.     0.25
Weather::Bug::SevenDayForecast Simple class interface to the 7 day forecast.     0.25
Weather::Bug::Station Simple class interface to the WeatherBug station data     0.25
Weather::Bug::Temperature Abstraction for temperature with the ability to retrieve data in either C or F.     0.25
Weather::Bug::Weather Simple class interface for a weather report.     0.25