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This Release RDF-Query-2.918  [Download] [Browse 04 Jan 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


RDF::Query A complete SPARQL 1.1 Query and Update implementation for use with RDF::Trine.     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra Base class for Algebra expressions     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Aggregate Algebra class for aggregate patterns     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::BasicGraphPattern Algebra class for BasicGraphPattern patterns     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Clear Algebra class for CLEAR operations     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Construct Algebra class for construct query results     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Copy Algebra class for COPY operations     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Create Algebra class for CREATE GRAPH operations     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Distinct Algebra class for distinct query results     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Extend Algebra class for extending the variable projection     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Filter Algebra class for Filter expressions     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::GroupGraphPattern Algebra class for GroupGraphPattern patterns     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Limit Algebra class for limiting query results     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Load Algebra class for LOAD operations     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Minus Algebra class for Minus patterns     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Move Algebra class for MOVE operations     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::NamedGraph Algebra class for NamedGraph patterns     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Offset Algebra class for offseting query results     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Optional Algebra class for Optional patterns     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Path Algebra class for path patterns     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Project Algebra class for projection     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Quad Algebra class for Quad patterns     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Sequence Algebra class for a sequence of algebra operations     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Service Algebra class for SERVICE (federation) patterns     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Sort Algebra class for sorting     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::SubSelect Algebra class for Subselects     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Table Algebra class for constant table data     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::TimeGraph Algebra class for temporal patterns     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Triple Algebra class for Triple patterns     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Union Algebra class for Union patterns     2.918
RDF::Query::Algebra::Update Algebra class for UPDATE operations     2.918
RDF::Query::BGPOptimizer Optimizer for ordering the joins of triple patterns in a BGP     2.918
RDF::Query::Compiler::SQL Compile a SPARQL query directly to SQL.     2.918
RDF::Query::Error Error classes for RDF::Query.     2.918
RDF::Query::ExecutionContext Query execution context     2.918
RDF::Query::Expression Class for Expr expressions     2.918
RDF::Query::Expression::Alias Class for aliasing expressions with variable names     2.918
RDF::Query::Expression::Binary Algebra class for binary expressions     2.918
RDF::Query::Expression::Function Class for Function expressions     2.918
RDF::Query::Expression::Nary Class for n-ary expressions     2.918
RDF::Query::Expression::Unary Class for unary expressions     2.918
RDF::Query::Federate A subclass of RDF::Query for efficient federated query execution.     2.918
RDF::Query::Federate::Plan Executable query plan nodes.     2.918
RDF::Query::Functions Standard Extension Functions     2.918
RDF::Query::Functions::Geo Geographic extension functions     2.918
RDF::Query::Functions::Jena Jena/ARQ work-alike functions     2.918
RDF::Query::Functions::Kasei RDF-Query-specific functions     2.918
RDF::Query::Functions::SPARQL SPARQL built-in functions     2.918
RDF::Query::Functions::Xpath XPath functions     2.918
RDF::Query::Node Base class for RDF Nodes     2.918
RDF::Query::Node::Blank RDF Node class for blank nodes     2.918
RDF::Query::Node::Literal RDF Node class for literals     2.918
RDF::Query::Node::Resource RDF Node class for resources     2.918
RDF::Query::Node::Variable RDF Node class for variables     2.918
RDF::Query::Parser Parser base class     2.918
RDF::Query::Parser::RDQL An RDQL parser for RDF::Query     2.918
RDF::Query::Parser::SPARQL SPARQL Parser.     2.918
RDF::Query::Parser::SPARQL11 SPARQL 1.1 Parser.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan Executable query plan nodes.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Aggregate Executable query plan for Aggregates.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::BasicGraphPattern Executable query plan for BasicGraphPatterns.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Clear Executable query plan for CLEAR operations.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::ComputedStatement Executable query plan for computed triples.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Constant Executable query plan for Constants.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Construct Executable query plan for constructing a graph from a set of variable bindings.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Copy Executable query plan for COPY operations.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Distinct Executable query plan for Distincts.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Extend Executable query plan for Extends.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Filter Executable query plan for Filters.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Iterator Executable query plan for result-generating iterators.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Join Join query plan base class.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Join::NestedLoop Executable query plan for nested loop joins.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Join::PushDownNestedLoop Executable query plan for nested loop joins.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Limit Executable query plan for Limits.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Load Executable query plan for LOAD operations.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Minus Executable query plan for minus operations.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Move Executable query plan for MOVE operations.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::NamedGraph Executable query plan for named graphs.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Offset Executable query plan for Offsets.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Path Executable query plan for Paths.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Project Executable query plan for Projects.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Quad Executable query plan for Quads.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Sequence Executable query plan for a sequence of operations.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Service Executable query plan for remote SPARQL queries.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Sort Executable query plan for Sorts.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::SubSelect Executable query plan for sub-select queries.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::ThresholdUnion Executable query plan for unions.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Triple Executable query plan for Triples.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Union Executable query plan for unions.     2.918
RDF::Query::Plan::Update Executable query plan for DELETE/INSERT operations.     2.918
RDF::Query::ServiceDescription Class for describing federated query data sources.     2.918
RDF::Query::Temporal tSPARQL temporal extensions to the RDF::Query engine.     2.918
RDF::Query::Util Miscellaneous utility functions to support work with RDF::Query.     2.918
RDF::Query::VariableBindings Variable bindings     2.918


rqsh SPARQL database shell  

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