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Gregory Todd Williams > RDF-Trine


This Release RDF-Trine-1.019  [Download] [Browse 04 Jan 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


RDF::Trine An RDF Framework for Perl     1.019
RDF::Trine::Error Error classes for RDF::Trine     1.019
RDF::Trine::Exporter::CSV Export RDF data to CSV     1.019
RDF::Trine::Exporter::RDFPatch RDF-Patch Export     1.019
RDF::Trine::Graph Materialized RDF Graphs for testing isomorphism     1.019
RDF::Trine::Iterator Iterator class for SPARQL query results     1.019
RDF::Trine::Iterator::Bindings Iterator class for bindings query results     1.019
RDF::Trine::Iterator::Bindings::Materialized Materialized bindings class     1.019
RDF::Trine::Iterator::Boolean Iterator class for boolean query results     1.019
RDF::Trine::Iterator::Graph Iterator class for graph query results     1.019
RDF::Trine::Iterator::Graph::Materialized Materialized graph class     1.019
RDF::Trine::Iterator::JSONHandler JSON Handler for parsing SPARQL JSON Results format     1.019
RDF::Trine::Iterator::SAXHandler SAX Handler for parsing SPARQL XML Results format     1.019
RDF::Trine::Model Model class     1.019
RDF::Trine::Model::Dataset Model for SPARQL datasets     1.019
RDF::Trine::Model::StatementFilter Model for filtering statements based on a user-specified criteria     1.019
RDF::Trine::Model::Union Union models for joining multiple stores together     1.019
RDF::Trine::Namespace Abbreviated syntax for constructing RDF node objects     1.019
RDF::Trine::NamespaceMap Collection of Namespaces     1.019
RDF::Trine::Node Base class for RDF Nodes     1.019
RDF::Trine::Node::Blank RDF Node class for blank nodes     1.019
RDF::Trine::Node::Literal RDF Node class for literals     1.019
RDF::Trine::Node::Nil RDF Node class for the nil node     1.019
RDF::Trine::Node::Resource RDF Node class for IRI resources     1.019
RDF::Trine::Node::Variable RDF Node class for variables     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser RDF Parser class     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser::LineProtocol RDF LineProtocol Parser     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser::NQuads N-Quads Parser     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser::NTriples N-Triples Parser     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser::RDFJSON RDF/JSON RDF Parser     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser::RDFPatch RDF-Patch Parser     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser::RDFXML RDF/XML Parser     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser::RDFa RDFa Parser     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser::Redland RDF Parser using the Redland library     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser::TriG TriG RDF Parser     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser::Turtle Turtle RDF Parser     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser::Turtle::Constants Constant definitions for use in parsing Turtle, TriG, and N-Triples     1.019
RDF::Trine::Parser::Turtle::Lexer Tokenizer for parsing Turtle, TriG, and N-Triples     1.019
RDF::Trine::Pattern Class for basic graph patterns     1.019
RDF::Trine::Serializer RDF Serializer class     1.019
RDF::Trine::Serializer::NQuads N-Quads Serializer     1.019
RDF::Trine::Serializer::NTriples N-Triples Serializer     1.019
RDF::Trine::Serializer::NTriples::Canonical Canonical representation of an RDF model     1.019
RDF::Trine::Serializer::RDFJSON RDF/JSON Serializer     1.019
RDF::Trine::Serializer::RDFPatch RDF-Patch Serializer     1.019
RDF::Trine::Serializer::RDFXML RDF/XML Serializer     1.019
RDF::Trine::Serializer::TSV TSV Serializer     1.019
RDF::Trine::Serializer::TriG TriG Serializer     1.019
RDF::Trine::Serializer::Turtle Turtle Serializer     1.019
RDF::Trine::Statement Class for triples and triple patterns     1.019
RDF::Trine::Statement::Quad Class for quads and quad patterns     1.019
RDF::Trine::Store RDF triplestore base class     1.019
RDF::Trine::Store::DBI Persistent RDF storage based on DBI     1.019
RDF::Trine::Store::DBI::Pg PostgreSQL subclass of DBI store     1.019
RDF::Trine::Store::DBI::SQLite SQLite subclass of DBI store     1.019
RDF::Trine::Store::DBI::mysql Mysql subclass of DBI store     1.019
RDF::Trine::Store::Dydra RDF Store proxy for a Dydra endpoint     1.019
RDF::Trine::Store::Hexastore RDF store implemented with the hexastore index     1.019
RDF::Trine::Store::LanguagePreference RDF Store proxy for filtering language tagged literals     1.019
RDF::Trine::Store::Memory Simple in-memory RDF store     1.019
RDF::Trine::Store::Redis RDF Store for Redis     1.019
RDF::Trine::Store::Redland Redland-backed RDF store for RDF::Trine     1.019
RDF::Trine::Store::SPARQL RDF Store proxy for a SPARQL endpoint     1.019
RDF::Trine::VariableBindings Variable bindings     1.019
Test::RDF::Trine::Store A collection of functions to test RDF::Trine::Stores     1.019


cliapi a simple command line interface to an in-memory RDF quad store using the RDF Line Protocol Benchmark tool for Turtle parser Parse Turtle files and output N-Triples Tokenization tool for Turtle files