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Benjamin Habegger > WebSource-2.4.5


This Release WebSource-2.4.5  [Download] [Browse 09 Jun 2010
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Special Files


WebSource a general data wrapping tool particularly well suited for online data (but what data in not online in some way today ;) )     2.4.5
WebSource::Cache : saves a copy of the data into a file and forwards it      
WebSource::DB : For each input execute a query and return the result as output      
WebSource::Envelope Container for exchanged data      
WebSource::Extract Extract parts of the input      
WebSource::Extract::regexp Extract information using a regular expression      
WebSource::Extract::xslt Apply an XSL Stylesheet to the input      
WebSource::Fetcher : fetching module When run downloads given urls and returns the corresponding http response      
WebSource::Fetcher::xml : fetching module When run downloads given urls and returns the corresponding documents      
WebSource::File : Fetchs it input from a file (or standard input if none is specified)      
WebSource::Filter::script Use a script for filtering      
WebSource::Filter::tests apply tests to filter xmlnodes      
WebSource::Format Format XML Nodes      
WebSource::Logger : WebSource logging module      
WebSource::Map Maps data nodes to meta data      
WebSource::Module : WebSource module - class from which all modules inherit Each module needs to define a handler method.      
WebSource::Parser A XML/HTML parser extending XML::LibXML      
WebSource::Query Build a query (HTTP request) given a hash      
WebSource::Queue Object encapusalting a filesystem based queue      
WebSource::XMLParser : Builds a document out of an http-response containing an XML or HTML file      
WebSource::XMLSender : XML sending module Sends incoming XML data to the server and returns the XML response      


WebSource::Soap; Module allowing to handle input data with a WebService  
ws-getform : A small tool to extract form declarations  
ws-query : Execute a Web extraction task described by a Web Source Description.  
ws-tidy : Put a document into a correct XML format using WebSource::Parser  
ws-xpath : Search for an XPATH expression in an XML or HTML document  
ws-xsl : transform a document given an XSL stylesheet.