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Eric Hacker > Agent-TCLI-0.032


This Release Agent-TCLI-0.032  [Download] [Browse 03 May 2007
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Agent::TCLI Transactional Contextual Line Interface     0.032
Agent::TCLI::Base Base object for other TCLI objects     0.030.0059
Agent::TCLI::Command     0.030.0059
Agent::TCLI::Control Manage TCLI commands     0.030.0062
Agent::TCLI::Package::Base Base object for other Agent::TCLI::Package objects     0.030.0062
Agent::TCLI::Package::Tail A Tail command     0.030.0059
Agent::TCLI::Package::Tail::Line A class for tailed lines to be tested.     0.030.0059
Agent::TCLI::Package::Tail::Test A class for an individual test on Lines.     0.030.0059
Agent::TCLI::Package::UnixBase Base class for Agent::TCLI::Package objects accessing other Unix commands.     0.030.0059
Agent::TCLI::Package::XMPP A package of commands to access the XMPP transport     0.030.0059
Agent::TCLI::Parameter A Parameter class for TCLI.     0.030.0059
Agent::TCLI::Request A Request class for Agent::TCLI::Request.     0.030.0062
Agent::TCLI::Response A Response class for Agent::TCLI::Response.     0.030.0059
Agent::TCLI::Testee Write Test scripts to control TCLI agents.     0.030.0062
Agent::TCLI::Transport::Base Base Class for transports     0.031.0062
Agent::TCLI::Transport::Test transport for testing commands     0.031.0062
Agent::TCLI::Transport::XMPP     0.031.0062
Agent::TCLI::User     0.030.0059


Net::CLI::Transport::XMPP xmpp transport for Net::CLI  
Net::CLI::User A User class for Net::CLI.  
agent_tail Run a TCLI Agent with the Tail package enabled.