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Agent::TCLI::Package::Base - Base object for other Agent::TCLI::Package objects


Base object for Commands. May be used directly in a command collection or may be extended for special functionality. Note that the Control and Library will not recognize any class extension without also being modified.


This needs much more elaboration. For now, please use the source of existing command packages. I apologize for the inconvenience.



The following attributes are accessible through standard accessor/mutator methods unless otherwise noted


The name of the package. This is the word that is used to refer to the package POE::Session. name should only contain SCALAR type values.


An array of the command objects in this package.


A hash of the parameters used in this package. Often parameters are shared accross individual commands, so they are defined within the Package. They are refered to by each command in the package. parameters should only contain hash values.


A hash of hashes keyed on control for storing stuff.


A hash collection of requests that are in progress


A hash of wheels keyed on wheel ID. wheels values should only be POE::Wheels.


Most of these methods are for internal use within the TCLI system and may be of interest only to developers trying to enhance TCLI.


This POE event handler is the primary way to set context with a command. Just about any command that has subcommands will use this method as it's handler. An exception would be a command that sets an single handler to process all subcoammnds/args using the 'A*' context. See the Eliza package for an example of how to establish that type of context.


This POE event handler is the default show for packages. It will accept an argument for the setting to show. It will also take an argument of all or * and show all settings.

The parameter must be defined in the show Command entry's parameters or it will not be shown. There must also be a OIO Field defined with the same name. One may write their own show method if this is not sufficient.

One must still define the show Command within one's package to use this. One must also load the show event handler in the Package's session.


This POE event handler executes the set commands.


Eric Hacker <hacker at>


SHOULDS and MUSTS are currently not enforced.

Test scripts not thorough enough.

Probably many others.


Copyright (c) 2007, Alcatel Lucent, All rights resevred.

This package is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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