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This Release Bot-Backbone-0.141180  [Download] [Browse 27 Apr 2014
Latest Release Bot-Backbone-0.161950  [Download] [Browse 13 Jul 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Bot::Backbone Extensible framework for building bots     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Bot Provides backbone services to your bot     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Bot::Role::GroupChat Provides some group related help tools     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::DispatchSugar Shared sugar methods for dispatch     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Dispatcher Simple dispatching tool     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Dispatcher::Predicate Defines the predicate packages responsible for aiding dispatch     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Identity Describes an account sending or receiving a message     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Message Describes a message or response     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Meta::Class::Bot Metaclass attached to backbone bots     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Meta::Class::DispatchBuilder Metaclass role providing dispatcher setup helps     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Meta::Class::Service Metaclass attached to backbone bot services     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::SendPolicy Define policies to prevent flooding and other bot no-nos     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::SendPolicy::Aggregate Pull several send policies together     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::SendPolicy::MinimumInterval Prevent any message from being delivered too soon     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::SendPolicy::MinimumRepeatInterval Prevent any message from being repeated too often     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service Useful features for services     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::ConsoleChat Chat with an interactive command line     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::DirectChat A helper for doing direct chats     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::GroupChat A helper chat for performing group chats     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::JabberChat Connect and chat with a Jabber server     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::Role::BareMetalChat A chat service that is bolted on to bare metal     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::Role::Chat Chat services must implement this role     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::Role::ChatConsumer Role for services that listen for chat messages     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::Role::Dispatch Role for services that can perform dispatch     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::Role::GroupJoiner Chat services that can join a chat group     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::Role::Responder A role for services that respond to messages     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::Role::SendPolicy Provides send policy framework to a service     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::Role::Sender Marks a service as one that may send messages     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Service::Role::Service Role implemented by all bot services     0.141180
Bot::Backbone::Types The type library for Bot::Backbone     0.141180