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Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp > Bot-Net-0.1.0


This Release Bot-Net-0.1.0  [Download] [Browse 23 Oct 2007
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Bot::Net run your very own IRC bot net     0.1.0
Bot::Net::Bot the base class for all Bot::Net bots      
Bot::Net::Config the configuration for your bot net      
Bot::Net::Log logger for your bot net      
Bot::Net::Message encapsulate messages to and from bots      
Bot::Net::Mixin build complex objects my mixing components      
Bot::Net::Mixin::Bot::IRC mixin class for building IRC bots      
Bot::Net::Mixin::Bot::IRCD mixin class for building IRC daemon bots      
Bot::Net::Mixin::Server::IRC mixin class for building IRC servers      
Bot::Net::Object facilties common to many Bot::Net objects      
Bot::Net::Script implementation of the Bot::Net command-line interface      
Bot::Net::Script::Bot Create a new bot      
Bot::Net::Script::Help Get help using Bot::Net      
Bot::Net::Script::Net Create the scaffolding for a new bot net      
Bot::Net::Script::Run Run a single server or bot      
Bot::Net::Script::Server Create a new server      
Bot::Net::Server mixin class for building Bot::Net servers      
Bot::Net::Test helper for building Bot::Net tests      
Bot::Net::Util miscellaneous utility functions      


botnet A script to manage a Bot::Net application