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This Release Contentment-0.011_033  [Download] [Browse 13 Feb 2006 ** DEVELOPER RELEASE **
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Contentment Contentment is a Perl-based web content management system    0.011_033
Contentment::Catalog Provides categorization and indexing features    0.04
Contentment::Context Contextual information for a Contentment request    0.011_033
Contentment::Exception Used to throw exceptions in Contentment    0.011028
Contentment::Form forms API for Contentment    0.10
Contentment::Form::Definition Persistent form definitions    0.10
Contentment::Form::Submission Persistent store for form submissions    0.10
Contentment::Form::Widget Base class and interface for all form widgets    0.10
Contentment::Form::Widget::Hidden Purely server-side form data    0.03
Contentment::Form::Widget::Label A very simple label widget    0.03
Contentment::Form::Widget::Submit Submit widget    0.03
Contentment::Form::Widget::TabularChoice A list of options in tabular form    0.08
Contentment::Form::Widget::Text Textbox widget    0.03
Contentment::Form::Widget::TextArea Text area widget    0.01
Contentment::Generator Provides the contract and factory for generators    0.011_033
Contentment::Generator::HTML Generator for HTML text    0.07
Contentment::Generator::POD A generator for Plain Old Documentation    0.13
Contentment::Generator::PerlScript A generator for Perl scripts    0.16
Contentment::Generator::Plain Generator for plain files    0.13
Contentment::Generator::Template Generator for Template Toolkit templates    0.08
Contentment::Hooks Handles logging for Contentment    0.03
Contentment::Log     0.011_033
Contentment::Log::Stderr Log handler that logs to STDERR    0.02
Contentment::MIMETypes Standard interface to MIME::Types    0.011_033
Contentment::Node Node storage for Contentment    0.06
Contentment::Node::Blog     0.08
Contentment::Node::Collection Group a set of revisions together    0.03
Contentment::Node::Manager Node collection manager and utility    0.06
Contentment::Node::Revision Nodes with revisions    0.06
Contentment::Oryx Oryx adapter for Contentment    0.03
Contentment::Request Class responsible for managing incoming requests    0.011_033
Contentment::Response Handles Contentment response handling    0.011_033
Contentment::Security Provides the contract for and default implementation of the Contentment security model    0.09
Contentment::Security::Manager Interface implemented by Contentment security managers    0.09
Contentment::Security::Permission Contentment security permissions    0.01
Contentment::Security::Principal object for representing principals    0.01
Contentment::Security::Profile Contentment security profile interface    0.08
Contentment::Security::Profile::Persistent profile info that persists    0.09
Contentment::Security::Profile::Scratch profile info that exists now and is gone later    0.07
Contentment::Security::Role Contentment security roles    0.05
Contentment::Session Session management for Contentment    0.13
Contentment::Setting A Contentment plugin for storing configuration    0.12
Contentment::Site A plugin for managing site information    0.03
Contentment::Template Setup Template Toolkit for use by Contentment    0.11
Contentment::Template::Document     0.01
Contentment::Template::Plugin::Contentment     0.11
Contentment::Template::Plugin::Form     0.11
Contentment::Template::Plugin::Generator     0.07
Contentment::Template::Plugin::Node     0.08
Contentment::Template::Plugin::Request     0.11
Contentment::Template::Plugin::Response     0.11
Contentment::Template::Plugin::Security     0.11
Contentment::Template::Plugin::Session     0.01
Contentment::Template::Plugin::Setting     0.11
Contentment::Template::Plugin::Site     0.11
Contentment::Template::Plugin::Theme     0.11
Contentment::Template::Provider     0.11
Contentment::Test Helpers for testing Contentment    0.011_033
Contentment::Theme Contentment plugin for adding themes to content    0.10
Contentment::Transform Applies file content transformation    0.08
Contentment::Transform::POD2HTML     0.16
Contentment::VFS Provides a virtual file system for Contentment    0.19
Contentment::ValidationException Exception thrown during widget validation    0.02


Contentment::Blog A blog module 
Contentment::Index Interface for Index plugin indexes 
Contentment::Indexer Interface for Index plugin indexers 
Contentment::Manual Table of Contents 
Contentment::Manual::Install The installation guide for Contentment 
Contentment::Manual::LifeCycle Description of the Contentment request life-cycle 
Contentment::Term Interface for Index plugin terms 
Contentment::Transform::Pod2Html Uses Pod::Simple to create an HTML fragment