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FleetConf::Agent - Agent object class for FleetConf


This object should not generally be used directly. This documentation is intended to be a reference on how agent execution works. For information on writing agents, see FleetConf::Agent::Parser. For information on using agents, see FleetConf.

TODO Add documentation on agent runtime semantics.


This module has very little documentation yet because it doesn't work very well yet. Much more work needs to be done to solidify this into a more robust solution.

Basically, there are six phases: initialize, requirements, check, run, cleanup, and shutdown. They run in that order. Initialize runs before the workflow is contacted and no other phase continues if any command in that phase (i.e., PREREQUISITE) says not to. The requirements phase runs prior to taking a lock and check, run, and cleanup are skipped if any command in that phase (i.e., REQUIRE) says not to. The check phase runs after acquiring a lock and causes an error if any part fails. The run phase runs after that and causes an error-commit if any part fails. The cleanup phase runs after that and causes a rollback if any part fails. Finally, the shutdown phase runs.

The actual semantics of each phase are poorly defined and will be redefined as soon as I can formalize the nature of "better semantics".


Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp, <>


Copyright 2005 Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp. All Rights Reserved.

FleetConf is distributed and licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.

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