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Finance::YahooJPN::Sym2Name - converts a Japanese stock symbol to the name


  use Finance::YahooJPN::Sym2Name;
  # get the name of company of stock symbol code '6758'
  my $stockname = sym2name('6758');
  print $stockname; # it prints 'SONY CORPORATION'


This module converts a Japanese stock symbol code to the name of company. Japanese stock markets use 4-digit code number as stock symbol. You can get either English or Japanese name of company.


sym2name($symbol [, $lang])

This function returns a string of the name of company from $symbol (a stock symbol code of 4-digit number).

In case it were a missing code number, the module returns string '(n/a)';

$lang attribute specifies language mode of the company's name. A $lang value is 'eng' (in English) or 'jpn' (in Japanese). This attribute is omittable and the default value is 'eng'.

Note that string data under 'jpn' $lang mode is encoded with UTF-8 character encoding.


Masanori HATA (Saitama, JAPAN)


Copyright ©2002-2011 Masanori HATA. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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