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Changes A change history
Gnu.pm  [pod] The GNU Readline extension Perl module
Gnu.xs The GNU Readline extension external subroutines
INSTALL Installtion instructions
MANIFEST This list of files
Makefile.PL The GNU Readline extension makefile writer
README The Instructions
eg/perlsh  [pod] A powerful calculator
eg/fileman A short completion example
eg/pftp  [pod] An ftp client with the GNU Readline support
eg/ptksh+  [pod] Simple perl/Tk shell which demonstrates the callback functions
ppport.h Perl/Pollution/Portability Version 1.0007
t/comptest/0123 A file for t/readline.t
t/comptest/012345 A file for t/readline.t
t/comptest/023456 A file for t/readline.t
t/comptest/README A file for t/readline.t
t/comptest/a_b A file for t/readline.t
t/00checkver.t A version check script
t/callback.t A test script for the GNU Readline callback function
t/history.t A test script for the GNU History Library function
t/inputrc A file for t/readline.t
t/readline.t A test script for the GNU Readline Library function
t/utf8_binary.t A test script for UTF-8 binary string
t/utf8_text.t A test script for UTF-8 text string
t/utf8.txt A file for t/utf8_*.t
typemap The GNU Readline extension interface types
META.yml Module YAML meta-data (added by MakeMaker)
META.json Module JSON meta-data (added by MakeMaker)