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Module Version: 1.03   Source   Latest Release: AWS-CLIWrapper-1.15


AWS::CLIWrapper - Wrapper module for aws-cli


    use AWS::CLIWrapper;
    my $aws = AWS::CLIWrapper->new(
        region => 'us-west-1',
    my $res = $aws->ec2(
        'describe-instances' => {
            instance_ids => ['i-XXXXX', 'i-YYYYY'],
        timeout => 18, # optional. default is 30 seconds
    if ($res) {
        for my $rs ( @{ $res->{Reservations} }) {
            for my $is (@{ $rs->{Instances} }) {
                print $is->{InstanceId},"\n";
    } else {
        warn $AWS::CLIWrapper::Error->{Code};
        warn $AWS::CLIWrapper::Error->{Message};


AWS::CLIWrapper is wrapper module for aws-cli (recommend: awscli >= 1.0.0, requires: >= 0.7.0).

AWS::CLIWrapper is a just wrapper module, so you can do everything what you can do with aws-cli.



Constructor of AWS::CLIWrapper. Acceptable param are:

    region       region_name:Str
    profile      profile_name:Str
    endpoint_url endpoint_url:Str
autoscaling($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
cloudformation($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
cloudwatch($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
directconnect($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
dynamodb($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
ec2($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
elasticache($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
elasticbeanstalk($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
elastictranscoder($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
elb($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
iam($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
importexport($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
opsworks($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
rds($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
redshift($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
route53($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
s3($operation:Str, $path:ArrayRef, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
s3api($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
ses($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
sns($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
sqs($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
storagegateway($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
sts($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
support($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)
swf($operation:Str, $param:HashRef, %opt:Hash)

AWS::CLIWrapper provides methods same as services of aws-cli. Please refer to `aws help`.

First arg "operation" is same as operation of aws-cli. Please refer to `aws SERVICE help`.

Second arg "param" is same as command line option of aws-cli. Please refer to `aws SERVICE OPERATION help`.

Key of param is string that trimmed leading "--" and replaced "-" to "_" for command line option (--instance-ids -> instance_ids). Value of param is SCALAR or ARRAYREF or HASHREF.

You can specify (boolean) parameter by $AWS::CLIWrapper::true or $AWS::CLIWrapper::false.

    my $res = $aws->ec2('assign-private-ip-addresses', {
        network_interface_id => $eni_id,
        private_ip_addresses => [ $private_ip_1, $private_ip_2 ],
        allow_reassignment   => $AWS::CLIWrapper::true,

Special case: several OPERATIONs take a single arg. For example "aws s3api get-object ... output_file". In this case, You can specify below using output_file key:

    my $res = $aws->s3api('get-object', {
        bucket      => 'my-bucket',
        key         => 'blahblahblah',
        output_file => '/path/to/output/file',

Special case: s3 OPERATION takes one or two arguments in addition to options. For example "aws s3 cp LocalPath s3://S3Path". Pass an extra ARRAYREF to the s3 method in this case:

    my $res = $aws->s3('cp', ['LocalPath', 's3://S3Path'], {
        exclude     => '*.bak',

Third arg "opt" is optional. Available key/values are below:

  timeout => Int
    Maximum time the "aws" command is allowed to run before aborting.
    default is 30 seconds.

  nofork => Int (>0)
    Call IPC::Cmd::run vs. IPC::Cmd::run_forked (mostly useful if/when in perl debugger).  Note: 'timeout', if used with 'nofork', will merely cause an alarm and return.  ie. 'run' will NOT kill the awscli command like 'run_forked' will.



See documents of aws-cli.


HIROSE Masaaki <hirose31 _at_>


  git clone git://

patches and collaborators are welcome.

SEE ALSO ^,,,,


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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