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MANIFEST This file Guide in how to contribute  [pod] Perl part of the module
Peek.xs C part of the module
Makefile.PL  [pod] Makefile generator
ppport.h Compatability layer
typemap Define PerlIO for non-PerlIO perl
t/00_pod.t Check if pod is valid
t/01_pod.t Check if pod covers all
t/10_DDumper.t Tests for DDumper ()
t/11_DDumper.t Tests for DDumper () using Perl::Tidy
t/20_DPeek.t Tests for DPeek ()
t/21_DDisplay.t Tests for DDisplay ()
t/22_DHexDump.t Tests for DHexDump ()
t/30_DDump-s.t Tests for DDump () returning string using _XS
t/31_DDump-s.t Tests for DDump () returning string using _IO
t/40_DDump-h.t Tests for DDump () returning hash using _XS
t/41_DDump-h.t Tests for DDump () returning hash using _IO
t/50_DDual.t Tests for DDual ()
t/51_triplevar.t Tests for triplevar ()
t/52_DGrow.t Tests for DGrow ()
examples/ show the use
META.yml Module YAML meta-data (added by MakeMaker)
META.json Module JSON meta-data (added by MakeMaker)