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MANIFEST This file Guide in how to contribute  [pod] Perl part of the module
CSV_XS.xs C part of the module
Makefile.PL Makefile generator
ppport.h Perl/Pollution/Portability script/include file
t/00_pod.t Check if pod is valid
t/01_pod.t Check if pod covers all
t/10_base.t Base tests (combine and parse only)
t/12_acc.t Accessor methods
t/15_flags.t Basic flag tests
t/20_file.t IO tests (print and getline) global handles
t/21_lexicalio.t IO tests (print and getline) lexical handles
t/22_scalario.t IO tests (print and getline) scalar io (perlio)
t/30_types.t Tests for the "types" attribute.
t/40_misc.t Binary mode tests
t/41_null.t NULL test in combination with line endings
t/45_eol.t Embedded EOL
t/46_eol_si.t Embedded EOL using scalar io (perlio)
t/50_utf8.t Unicode stress tests
t/51_utf8.t Unicode IO encoding tests
t/55_combi.t Different CSV character combinations
t/60_samples.t Miscellaneous problems from the modules history.
t/65_allow.t Allow bad formats
t/66_formula.t Formula behavior
t/70_rt.t Tests based on RT reports
t/75_hashref.t getline_hr related tests
t/76_magic.t array_ref from magic
t/77_getall.t Get all rows at once
t/78_fragment.t Get fragments according to RFC7111 specs
t/79_callbacks.t Test callback features
t/80_diag.t Error diagnostics
t/81_subclass.t Subclassed
t/85_util.t Test for utility methods
t/90_csv.t Function csv () checks
t/91_csv_cb.t Callbacks with csv function
t/ Extra test utilities
examples/csv2xls Script to onvert CSV files to M$Excel XLS
examples/csv2xlsx Script to onvert CSV files to M$Excel 2007+ XLSX
examples/csv-check Script to check a CSV file/stream
examples/csvdiff Script to shoff diff between sorted CSV files
examples/ Parse CSV stream, be forgiving on bad lines
examples/ Simple CSV rewriter
examples/ Small benchmark script
files/macosx.csv A CSV files exported on MacOSX
files/utf8.csv A UTF-8 encode test file
META.yml Module YAML meta-data (added by MakeMaker)
META.json Module JSON meta-data (added by MakeMaker)