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Patrick Hochstenbach > Catmandu-MARC-1.21


This Release Catmandu-MARC-1.21  [Download] [Browse 13 Nov 2017
Latest Release Catmandu-MARC-1.231  [Download] [Browse 16 Dec 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Catmandu::Exporter::MARC Exporter for MARC records     1.21
Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::ALEPHSEQ Exporter for MARC records to Ex Libris' Aleph sequential     1.21
Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::Base     1.21
Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::ISO Exporter for MARC records to ISO     1.21
Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::MARCMaker Exporter for MARC records to USMARC     1.21
Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::MiJ Exporter for MARC records to MARC in JSON     1.21
Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::XML Exporter for MARC records to MARCXML     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::marc_each a binder that loops over MARC fields     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::marc_all_match Test if a MARC (sub)field matches a value     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::marc_any_match Test if a MARC (sub)field matches a value     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::marc_has Test if a MARC (sub)field exists     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::marc_has_many Test if a MARC has more than one (sub)field     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::marc_match Test if a MARC (sub)field matches a value     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::marc_spec_has Test if a MARCspec references data     1.12
Catmandu::Fix::Inline::marc_add     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::Inline::marc_map A marc_map-er for Perl scripts (DEPRECATED)     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::Inline::marc_remove remove marc fields (DEPRECATED)     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::Inline::marc_set A marc_set-er for Perl scripts (DEPRECATED)     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::marc_add add new fields to marc     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::marc_append add a value at the end of a MARC field     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::marc_copy copy marc data in a structured way to a new field     1.13
Catmandu::Fix::marc_cut cut marc data in a structured way to a new field     1.13
Catmandu::Fix::marc_decode_dollar_subfields decode double encoded dollar subfields     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::marc_in_json transform a Catmandu MARC record into MARC-in-JSON     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::marc_map copy marc values of one field to a new field     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::marc_paste paste a MARC structured field back into the MARC record     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::marc_remove remove marc (sub)fields     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::marc_replace_all regex replace (sub)field values in a MARC file     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::marc_set set a marc value of one (sub)field to a new value     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::marc_spec reference MARC values via MARCspec - A common MARC record path language <>     1.21
Catmandu::Fix::marc_xml transform a Catmandu MARC record into MARCXML     1.21
Catmandu::Importer::MARC Package that imports MARC data     1.21
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::ALEPHSEQ Package that imports Ex Libris' Aleph sequential MARC records     1.21
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::Decoder     1.21
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::ISO Package that imports ISO MARC records     1.21
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::Lint Package that imports USMARC records validated with MARC::Lint     1.21
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::MARCMaker Package that imports MARCMaker records     1.21
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::MiJ Package that imports MARC-in-JSON records     1.21
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::MicroLIF Package that imports MicroLIF records     1.21
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::RAW Package that imports ISO 2709 encoded MARC records     1.21
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::Record Package that imports an array of MARC::Record     1.21
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::XML Package that imports MARCXML records     1.21
Catmandu::MARC Catmandu modules for working with MARC data     1.21


Catmandu::Fix::Inline::marc_add- A marc_add-er for Perl scripts (DEPRECATED)  
Catmandu::MARC::Tutorial A documentation-only module for new users of Catmandu::MARC