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Gary Holt > makepp-1.19


This Release makepp-1.19  [Download] [Browse 24 Jul 2003 ** UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE **
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License Unknown
Special Files


AutoloadComponent autoload components instead of individual functions     
FileInfo cached information about files and directories     
Glob Subroutines for reading directories easily.     
MakeEvent event loop for makepp     
Makefile an object that parses makefiles and stores their relevant info  UNAUTHORIZED  
Rule Stores information about a build rule  UNAUTHORIZED  
Signature Interface definition for various signature classes     
Signature::c_compilation_md5 a signature class that ignores changes to whitespace and comments     
Signature::exact_match a signature class that requires that dependencies have exactly the same signature they did on the last build     
Signature::md5 Signature class based on MD5 checksum     
Signature::target_newer a signature class that uses the traditional Make algorithm     

makepp Compatible but improved replacement for make 
makepp_build_algorithm How makepp executes a makefile 
makepp_builtin Built in rules for makepp 
makepp_command Command line syntax for makepp 
makepp_cookbook The best way to set up makefiles for various situations 
makepp_extending How to extend makepp using perl 
makepp_functions Functions in makepp 
makepp_incompatibilities Incompatibilities between makepp and GNU make 
makepp_release_notes Major changes in each version of makepp 
makepp_repositories How to use repositories for variant builds, for maintaining a central set of sources, and other things 
makepp_rules How to tell makepp to build something 
makepp_scanning How makepp finds include files and other hidden dependencies 
makepp_signatures How makepp knows to rebuild files 
makepp_statements Various statements in a makefile 
makepp_tutorial Tutorial on writing makefiles 
makepp_tutorial_compilation Unix compilation commands 
makepp_variables How to use variables in makepp 
pod2html replacement for buggy pod2hmtl that comes with the perl distribution