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Stefan Hornburg (Racke) > Data-Transpose-0.0009


This Release Data-Transpose-0.0009  [Download] [Browse 13 Mar 2014
Latest Release Data-Transpose-0.0023  [Download] [Browse 31 Oct 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Data::Transpose Transpose, iterate, filter and validate data     0.0009
Data::Transpose::EmailValid Perl extension to check if a mail is valid (with some autocorrection)      
Data::Transpose::Field Field class for Data::Transpose      
Data::Transpose::Group Group class for Data::Transpose      
Data::Transpose::Iterator::Base Iterator for Data::Transpose.      
Data::Transpose::Iterator::Errors Iterator for validation errors.      
Data::Transpose::Iterator::Scalar Scalar iterator for Data::Transpose.      
Data::Transpose::PasswordPolicy Perl extension to enforce password policy     0.02
Data::Transpose::Validator Filter and validate data.      
Data::Transpose::Validator::Base Base class for Data::Transpose::Validator      
Data::Transpose::Validator::CreditCard Validator for CC numbers      
Data::Transpose::Validator::EmailValid Alias for Data::Transpose::EmailValid      
Data::Transpose::Validator::Group Class for grouped field      
Data::Transpose::Validator::NumericRange Validate numbers in a range      
Data::Transpose::Validator::PasswordPolicy Alias for Data::Transpose::PasswordPolicy      
Data::Transpose::Validator::Set Validate a string inside a set of values      
Data::Transpose::Validator::String Validator for strings      
Data::Transpose::Validator::Subrefs Validator using custom subroutines      
Data::Transpose::Validator::URL Validate http(s) urls