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Stefan Hornburg (Racke) > Template-Flute-0.0114


This Release Template-Flute-0.0114  [Download] [Browse 16 Apr 2014
Latest Release Template-Flute-0.025  [Download] [Browse 24 Mar 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Template::Flute Modern designer-friendly HTML templating Engine     0.0114
Template::Flute::Config Configuration file handling for Template::Flute      
Template::Flute::Container Container object for Template::Flute templates.      
Template::Flute::Database::Rose Database abstraction for Template::Flute      
Template::Flute::Expression Parser for expressions      
Template::Flute::Filter Filter base class      
Template::Flute::Filter::CountryName country name filter      
Template::Flute::Filter::Currency Currency filter for prices      
Template::Flute::Filter::Date Date filter      
Template::Flute::Filter::Eol Preserving line breaks in HTML output      
Template::Flute::Filter::LanguageName language name filter      
Template::Flute::Filter::NobreakSingle Replaces missing text with no-break space.      
Template::Flute::Filter::Replace Substitutes literal text in a string.      
Template::Flute::Filter::Strip Strip filter      
Template::Flute::Filter::Upper Uppercase filter      
Template::Flute::Form Form object for Template::Flute templates.      
Template::Flute::HTML HTML Template Parser      
Template::Flute::I18N Localization class for Template::Flute      
Template::Flute::Increment Increment class for Template::Flute      
Template::Flute::Iterator Generic iterator class for Template::Flute      
Template::Flute::Iterator::JSON Iterator class for JSON strings and files      
Template::Flute::Iterator::Rose Iterator class for Template::Flute      
Template::Flute::List List object for Template::Flute templates.      
Template::Flute::Pager Data::Pager class for Template::Flute      
Template::Flute::Paginator Generic paginator class for Template::Flute      
Template::Flute::Specification Specification class for Template::Flute      
Template::Flute::Specification::Scoped Config::Scoped Specification Parser      
Template::Flute::Specification::XML XML Specification Parser      
Template::Flute::UriAdjust URI adjust class for Template::Flute      
Template::Flute::Utils Template::Flute utility functions      


Template::Flute::Filters::JsonVar JSON to Javascript variable filter  
flute Process template with Template::Flute on the command line