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Module Version: 3.04   Source   Latest Release: DBD-Ingres-0.5209


Ingperl - Perl access to Ingres databases for old ingperl scripts


     @values = &sql_fetch;

     @types = &sql_types;
     @ingtypes = &sql_ingtypes;
     @lengths = &sql_lengths;
     @nullable = &sql_nullable;
     @names = &sql_names;


     @row1 = &sql_eval_row1('select ...');
     @col1 = &sql_eval_col1('select ...');


Ingperl is an extension to Perl which allows access to Ingres databases.

The functions that make up the interface are described in the following sections.

All functions return false or undefined (in the Perl sense) to indicate failure.

The text in this document is largely unchanged from the original Perl4 ingperl documentation written by Tim Bunce (

Any comments specific to the DBD::Ingres Ingperl emulation are prefixed by DBD:.

IngPerl Functions

Ingperl function, that access data.

IngPerl Functions to describe the currently prepared statement. These functions all return an array with one element for each field in the query result.

IngPerl Variables

IngPerl Library Functions


The DBD::Ingres module has been modelled closely on Tim Bunce's DBD::Oracle module and warnings that apply to DBD::Oracle and the Oraperl emulation interface may also apply to the Ingperl emulation interface.

Your mileage may vary.


IngPerl comes with no warranty - it works for me - it may not work for you. If it trashes your database I am not responsible!

This file should be included in all applications using ingperl in order to help ensure that scripts will remain compatible with new releases of ingperl.

DBD: The following warning is taken (almost) verbatim from the oraperl emulation module, but is also valid for Ingres.

The Ingperl emulation software shares no code with the original ingperl. It is built on top the the new Perl5 DBI and DBD::Ingres modules. These modules are still evolving. (One of the goals of the Ingperl emulation software is to allow useful work to be done with the DBI and DBD::Ingres modules whilst insulation users from the ongoing changes in their interfaces.)

It is quite possible, indeed probable, that some differences in behaviour will exist. This should be confined to error handling.

All differences in behaviour which are not documented here should be reported to and CC'd to


Ingres Documentation

SQL Reference Guide

Books Programming Perl by Larry Wall, Randal Schwartz and Tom Christiansen. Learning Perl by Randal Schwartz.
Manual Pages



Formerly sqlperl by Ted Lemon.

Perl4 version developed and maintained by Tim Bunce, <> Copyright 1994 Tim Bunce and Ted Lemon

Ingperl emulation using DBD::Ingres by Henrik Tougaard <>

Perl by Larry Wall <>.

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