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Catalyst::TraitFor::Controller::Breadcrumb::Followed - Breadcrumb navigation using Moose Roles


This keeps a Breadcrumb trail of pages that have been visited allowing the user to go back to any earlier page directly.

Note that this is different from a Breadcrumb which shows you where you are in a site navigation hierarchy.

In your Catalyst Controller.

    package MyApp::Web::Controller::Root;

    use Moose;
    use namespace::autoclean;

    with 'Catalyst::TraitFor::Controller::BreadCrumb::Followed';

Then later on in your controllers you can do

    sub foo : Local {
        my ($self, $c) = @_;

        $self->breadcrumb_start($c, 'Foo Text');

    sub bar : Local {
        my ($self, $c) = @_;

        $self->breadcrumb_add($c, 'Bar Text');


This implementation of Breadcrumb navigation is of the type that shows the user where she has navigated. For example, she may start at a list of Artists, clicking on one of the Artists displays a list of CDs by that Artist. Clicking on a CD displays a list of Tracks on that CD.

The Breadcrumb would hold the route taken (Artists -> Artist -> CD -> Track) and retain that information in session data.

The session data holds a data structure that can be used in a Template to build a list of the visited pages together with navigation links and rendered with suitable CSS.

The class keeps track of which pages have been visited so if a URL that is in the list of Breadcrumbs is re-visited then the Breadcrumb trail is truncated to the first instance.

Whenever the breadcrumb_start method is called, any existing Breadcrumb trail is truncated and a new one is started.



Start a new breadcrumb trail.

    sub artists : Local {
        my ($self, $c) = @_;

        $self->breadcrumb_start($c, 'All Artists');

Calling breadcrumb_start removes any existing breadcrumb trail and starts a new one.

The method takes two parameters, the $c catalyst object and the title to be shown in the breadcrumb trail.


Append to the end of an existing breadcrumb trail.

    sub cds : Local {
        my ($self, $c) = @_;

        $self->breadcrumb_add($c, $artist_name);

This appends to the existing breadcrumb trail (as started by breadcrumb_start) and adds the current URI to it.

In the event of the user navigating so that she navigates back to a URI she has already visited in the breadcrumb trail, the trail is truncated back to the first instance of that URI.

session data ^

The Breadcrumb trail is held in the session data, by default it is held in $c->session->{breadcrumb} but this can be configured (see below).

The session data is build up into an array of hashes representing each part of the breadcrumb trail. e.g

    $c->session->{breadcrumb} = [
        class   => 'done',
        uri     => '/artists',
        title   => 'All Artists',
        class   => 'done',
        uri     => '/artist/3',
        title   => 'David Bowie',
        class   => 'lastDone',
        uri     => '/artist/3/cd/4',
        title   => 'Diamond Dogs',
        class   => 'current',
        uri     => '/artist/3/cd/4/track/6',
        title   => 'Rebel Rebel',

This session data can then be used to create HTML in a Template. One example is as follows.

    <div class="navigation">
      <ul id="mainNav" class="breadcrumb">
    [% FOREACH crumb IN c.session.breadcrumb %]
        <li class="[% crumb.class %]">
      [% IF crumb.class=='lastDone' || crumb.class=='done' %]
        [% back_uri = crumb.uri %]
          <a href="[% crumb.uri %]">[% crumb.title %]</a>
      [% ELSE %]
          [% crumb.title %]
      [% END %]
    [% END %]

    [% IF back_uri %]
      <div class="navigation_buttons">
        <button class="button_previous" onClick="parent.location='[% back_uri %]'"> Back </button>
    [% END %]

The use of suitable CSS can be used to display this in whatever form you wish.

configuration ^

By default the breadcrumb is held in $c->session->{breadcrumb} but you can change this in your configuration in your application.

    package MyApp::Web;


    __PACKAGE__->config->{'Catalyst::TraitFor::Controller::Breadcrumb::Followed'} = {
        session_name => 'my_breadcrumb_trail',


Ian Docherty


    Copyright (c) 2010 the aforementioned authors. All rights
    reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute
    it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
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