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Olivier Schwander > Orze-1.11


This Release Orze-1.11  [Download] [Browse 31 Mar 2010
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Orze Another static website generator     1.11
Orze::Drivers Superclass of all Orze::Drivers::      
Orze::Drivers::Copy Create a page by copying a file      
Orze::Drivers::Llgal Create a photo gallery using Llgal      
Orze::Drivers::RSS Create a RSS feed      
Orze::Drivers::Section Creates a subsection      
Orze::Drivers::Template Create a page using the Template module      
Orze::Drivers::Thumb Create a page by copying an image and making a thumbnail of it      
Orze::Modules Dynamically load Orze modules     1
Orze::Sources Superclass of all Orze::Sources::      
Orze::Sources::Include Simply load a file and make its content available in a variable      
Orze::Sources::Markdown Load a Markdown file and render it as a html fragment using Text::Markdown.      
Orze::Sources::Menu Build a page tree, suitable for a menu      
Orze::Sources::Pandoc Load a text file and render it as a html fragment using Pandoc.      
Orze::Sources::Pod Load a Pod file and render it as a html fragment      
Orze::Sources::YAML Load a YAML file in a perl variable