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This Release Leyland-0.001007  [Download] [Browse 04 Jul 2011
Latest Release Leyland-1.000002  [Download] [Browse 13 Apr 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Leyland Plack-based framework for RESTful web applications     0.001007
Leyland::Cmd Application logic for the 'leyland' command line application      
Leyland::Cmd::Command Base class for 'leyland' command line application commands      
Leyland::Cmd::Command::app Logic for the 'app' command of the 'leyland' command line app, creates a new Leyland-based application     0.001
Leyland::Context The working environment of an HTTP request and Leyland response      
Leyland::Controller Leyland controller base class      
Leyland::Exception Throwable class for Leyland application exceptions      
Leyland::Localizer Wrapper for the Locale::Wolowitz localization system for Leyland apps      
Leyland::Logger Logging facilities for Leyland application      
Leyland::Logger::LogDispatch Use Log::Dispatch as your app's logger      
Leyland::Logger::LogHandler Use Log::Handler as your app's logger      
Leyland::Logger::STDERR Default logger, logs to STDERR      
Leyland::Negotiator Performs HTTP negotiations for Leyland requests      
Leyland::Parser Provides the sweet REST syntax for Leyland controller routes      
Leyland::Parser::Route Parses route definitions in Leyland controllers      
Leyland::View Leyland view base class      
Leyland::View::Tenjin Tenjin view class for Leyland      


Leyland::Manual Manual for the Leyland web application framework  
Leyland::Manual::Applications Leyland application structure and creation  
Leyland::Manual::Controllers Creating Leyland controllers  
Leyland::Manual::Deployment How to deploy Leyland applications  
Leyland::Manual::Exceptions How to throw HTTP exceptions with Leyland  
Leyland::Manual::Extending How to extend Leyland  
Leyland::Manual::FAQ Frequently asked questions about Leyland  
Leyland::Manual::Localization Localizing Leyland applications  
Leyland::Manual::Logging How to use a log in Leyland applications  
Leyland::Manual::Models How to use models in Leyland applications  
Leyland::Manual::StaticFiles How to serve static files from your application  
Leyland::Manual::Views Using Leyland view classes  
leyland Leyland application generator