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Distribution Released
Apache-RSS-0.05 generate RSS output for directory Index. [Download] [Browse] 30 May 2002
Apache-Session-Serialize-SOAPEnvelope-0.01 serialize as SOAPEnvelope [Download] [Browse] 27 Jul 2002
Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Credential-Livedoor-0.03 livedoor Auth API for Catalyst. [Download] [Browse] 19 Apr 2007
Class-DBI-Loader-0.03 dynamic definition of Class::DBI sub classes. [Download] [Browse] 10 Jul 2004
Class-DBI-Pg-0.03 Class::DBI extension for Postgres [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2003
Crypt-MySQL-0.04 emulate MySQL PASSWORD() function. [Download] [Browse] 13 Aug 2006
Date-Japanese-Holiday-0.05 Calculate Japanese Holiday. [Download] [Browse] 24 Sep 2003
DBIx-Pager-0.02 SQL paging helper. [Download] [Browse] 05 Aug 2002
Furl-S3-0.02 Furl based S3 client library. [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2012
HTML-ERuby-0.02 ERuby processor for Perl. [Download] [Browse] 13 Apr 2002
HTML-StickyQuery-0.13 add sticky QUERY_STRING [Download] [Browse] 03 Dec 2010
Mail-QmailQueue-0.03 Perl extension to operate qmail-queue directly [Download] [Browse] 04 Apr 2002
Mail-QmailRemote-0.02 Perl extension to send email using qmail-remote directly. [Download] [Browse] 15 Oct 2001
Net-RRP-Lite-0.02 simple interface of RRP. [Download] [Browse] 09 Oct 2003
Pickles-0.06 simple web application framework [Download] [Browse] 31 Jan 2011
Search-Odeum-0.02 Perl interface to the Odeum inverted index API. [Download] [Browse] 10 Apr 2007
Sledge-Engine-0.04 run Sledge based application (EXPERIMENTAL). [Download] [Browse] 18 Aug 2011
Template-Stash-EscapeHTML-0.02 escape HTML automatically in Template-Toolkit. [Download] [Browse] 18 Mar 2010
WebService-Livedoor-Auth-0.01 [One line description of module's purpose here] [Download] [Browse] 18 Apr 2007
WWW-RobotRules-DBIC-0.01 Persistent RobotRules which use DBIC. [Download] [Browse] 18 Oct 2006